HellBreak Chpt 1: The Spread part 1

January 23, 2010
By LegionArt BRONZE, Whichita Falls , TX, Texas
LegionArt BRONZE, Whichita Falls , TX, Texas
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if you xrteme then jump already and stop stalling....

I Remember the day when my whole life changed, when I thought I was going to lose my life that year. Basicly acting like animals,fighting, and killing each other for things needed to survive, this is my story when the world thought to end of humanity.... I was going to school one day, a normal day nothing intresting really, when I got to school and went to my first class peroid. No one was in my classroom neither was the teacher. So I threw my legs on a table and sat down listening to my Mp3 player on the radio until I heard a Goverment Emergency BroadCast. saying that there was a new Virus spreading around and it was called: " LE-GION 11", this virus contained amounts of bacterti coming in your body makeing you bleed alot of amounts drained away, your breaking into pieces and then finally you will die hours later. Later you will come back alive, craveing flesh, loose of IQ, and the abillity of speaking or even think. But your phyiscal abillitys become incredible amounts, to sprint of 30 mph in just 15 seconds and strengths of 100 times five men, by then you have becomed a zombie. The door was bashed down and i freak out falling out of my chair, seeing its my best friends Coby Rangel and Bryce Bates. Coby came to me and grabbed me by the collar and dragged me out of the room, then we started to run for no reason until I said STOP!Bryce said " Axel we don't have much time, we have to find are other friends and get the hell out of here" until coby said" there zombies and there looking for us" right then four zombies came out of a class room, so we got ready to fight them, bryce smacked one in the face with a pipe he found and coby was punching in there faces, one came after me and I grabbed my pen and jabbed it in its neck and kicked it legs up and stepped on its head killing the zombie. So we pressed on into the school

The author's comments:
there will be talk about it in the part 2

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