Iridescence (Chapter 8)

January 22, 2010
By Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
Moonlight. GOLD, Poteet, Texas
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She leapt for him, digging her claws into his shoulders on contact, and his teeth audibly clicked by her ear as he snapped at her. The force of impact knocked them off the tree, and he positioned himself over her as they fell. The fae landed on her back, the air whooshing out of her as he dug his back claws into her delicate belly. She flailed her forepaws at him and gasped for breath, her claws slicing his ears and face. With a loud snarl, he snapped at her neck again, but she rolled to her paws and slid away. They both crouched, ears flat and fangs bore as they caught their breath. He lunged for her, but she swiped at him and knocked him away, jumping on him and sinking her ivory teeth into the scruff of his neck. He rolled, causing her to barely miss his spine. Tearing all his claws into her glimmering fur, he flipped them both so that he was on top again. Again, she flailed in panic as he went again and again for her throat. With her hind legs, she shoved him off and scrambled to her feet. He was crouched again, the air shimmering around him in the moonlight as he swung his thick tail left and right.

The fae started to panic again as she realized he surely had a more powerful state to rely on. She was already occupying hers. As the air continued to vibrate its area grew disturbingly larger until she almost lost all hope of victory. Suddenly, an idea flashed into her mind. Knowing this would be her only chance, she transformed too. Light shined from the jewel on her forehead and pierced the darkness of the forest as she went back to her humanly state.

The pulse pounded in her curved ears as she watched the demon take his highest state; a dragon.

The author's comments:
look up a cougar fight on youtube. it's awesome and really quick(:

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