The Fae

January 21, 2010
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The light startled me, the hillside seemingly breaking free with rays of golden beams. It was blinding. I folded my legs to my chest, hugging my body. Sweet taste of honeysuckle on my lips. I was in a trance. My eyes were focused on a single sun. I couldn't breathe it was so beautiful. Time, it was running short. Helena, my half-blood sister was coming. I was going to tell her of her magic. She knew. I could feel the blood pumping in my veins. I knew she knew, didn't I?

“...Helena.” I whispered silently, wispy little words forming unimaginable beauty. “Let me show a world. Let me show you the world.”

The corset over my back I took off of my shoulders. The soundless music was nearing. I slowly took the sweater off. Fluttering there, was my autumn breeze wings. The world muttered in an earthquake motion, her hands dancing in the wind. She swayed in the frosty oceans, flied in the musky air, tripped over the oak filled grove. She sang a sweet melody, knowing what I was. Knowing who she was.

Pitch black night arose in the twilight air, I wrapped my arms around the timeless child, protecting her from the lesser novelty. I shook with my fist held in the sky, how dare the blackness of the night, take away our light!

Careless consideration, absence of clarity. I flustered infuriatingly. I grew stronger in the night, what was happening? The once earthy dragonfly wings, were now as dark as the starlit sky. I let go of the child, what I thing to do! The waves drowned me in the daylight sky. I rose for air, I gasped and nothing was there. I might as well be dead, I wondered, but I could not hear my insightful thoughts.

She was there, she reached me up. Blood, I could feel the thickness of the blood in my body. She rescued me from the darkness, my wings were placed in the small of my back, green...and free.

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