January 21, 2010
By nicolllle BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
nicolllle BRONZE, Leesburg, Virginia
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Matt lived in the small village of Hookamongaloo. He was always looking for something to do. His dream was to reach the sun. He had always accomplished all of his other dreams and felt this one wouldn’t be much harder. One summery day Matt went on a walk on his favorite path outside the castle. It always led him to this fountain with apple cider. He loved apple cider.

“Matt, what do you think you’re doing? You should’ve told me where you were going instead of just leaving the castle,” said Mother.

She was the type of mother that was always worried no matter what you do.

“One minute,” he said climbing onto the trampoline.

He jumped as high as he could towards the sky and tried to touch it.

“Honey, if you’re trying to touch the sun, you can’t” said his Mother.

“Why? It always looks so happy from here. I want to go talk to it.”

After a while his mother left because she knew that she couldn’t convince him to stop this ridiculous idea. Matt tried and tried to touch the sun but couldn’t. He would just so high but not high enough. He decided to go back to the fountain. He drank and drank until he fell over.

“Oh my favorite fountain, please help me touch the sun,” said Matt hopeless.

Matt got cold as the sun went down and went back inside the castle to sleep. When he woke up he ran back to the trampoline and jumped.

“Woah!” said Matt jumping fifty feet into the air. He felt like he was flying. The magical fountain had helped him. Matt went higher and higher. The closer he got to the sun the more warm he felt.

“Congratulations Matt, you got up here. But what do you think you’re doing? This is not safe,” said the Sun.

The sun didn’t sound much different than his mother. He was worried too.

“Oh okay, help me get back down,” said Matt knowing his mother would look for him soon.

The Sun gave Matt five books to hold and he went down and down until he finally reached the ground.

“Where were you, again?” said his Mother.

“I did it, I talked to the Sun. He was so helpful,” said Matt feeling very accomplished.

“Son, stop dreaming.”

The author's comments:
This is a childrens story.

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