A Villans Tale Chapter 2: Fear

January 24, 2010
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Chapter 2: Fear

I tried to cry myself to sleep, and lose the will to live. I really did. But the hate was too strong. Do you know what it’s like to be lied to all your life by the man you not only called father but whom you respected so much? No? I didn’t think so. As I lie crying eyes and heart full and ready to burst with anger, there came a knocking on my window. At first I didn’t hear it over my sobs. When I settled down enough to hear it I wiped my eyes and opened the blinds. At first I didn’t see anything, so I opened up my window and a cold chill fell heavy upon my skin, a shutter running up and down my spine, and my teeth chatter while my eyes burn.

“Hello Adrian, I heard what has befallen you” I heard him say I turned to face the intruder. Standing there wearing a white flannel shirt tight against a clear layer of muscle, his skin pale but not as white as his shirt, and also wore a pair of bleached jeans, his hair pure white bangs over his eyes which were covered by jet black sunglasses which didn’t seem to go together with the forever darkness of the night.

“Who are you?” I asked trying to back away unsuccessful as I reached the wall.

“That isn’t the what you should be asking” he said flashing a smile, a devious smile.

“Then what should I ask then” I seethed suddenly annoyed that this bastard just came in. However that was.

“Who are you? Who or what are you Adrian?” he asked with a look of real wonder.

“I…I don’t know anymore” I said truthfully. I truly had no idea of anything anymore. “Do you know…any of those things?” I asked, even though it seemed stupid that he could know.

“You have the blood of a hero” he said smiling…and I pounced pinning him to the wall.

“Bastard I am not a hero, hero’s don’t exist” I said seething breathing hard, blood flowing.

“Which makes you a villain” he said pushing me away with little or no effort. He reached up and pulled off his sunglasses. His eyes pure white. No pupil, no color. I stared into the white abyss of fear. As I stared, fear overcame me. All of my fears, everything I feared past and present came flooding back into my mind. I screamed as I felt the fire around me, all my friends burning, anyone and every one I ever loved or respected, dying and me still. I felt the cold grasp of death choke me. And in an instant it was gone all the fear vanished, and I found myself shivering on my knee’s head looking back into the mans eyes as he put back the shades on.

“My name is Phobos and I have come to make you into a Villain.” he said with complete solemn look upon his face.

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Joyful_angel said...
Jun. 27, 2010 at 6:48 pm

this is a good chpter!

let me kno if and when you write another. i enjoy them

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