Open Freedom

January 17, 2010
The majestic rugged landscape protruded regally around the lake to form the wondrous mountain range. The glass like water reflected each and every peak in flawless mirror detail. The pines that dotted the scenery met my eyes with dazzling shades of emerald and jade while shadows danced across the lake from the iridescent dragons above.

I took out the soft leather band that held my hair and my silver locks cascaded down my shoulders and back. I closed my eyes and tilted my head toward the heavens enjoying the warm kiss across my skin from the double stars that breathe life to this world. The black ink tattoos covering my pale skin glowed slightly and took on a metallic sheen in the sunlight.

A gentle pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders and held me tight. I slowly broke free and turned around to face my capture. His sparkling onyx eyes met mine and I couldn’t help but smile. He had intricate tattoos winding around his body also but his hair was as white and shimmering as a dragon’s bone. His full pink lips contrasted to his pale skin and I softly ran my finger down his slender nose. He had a firm jaw and tight slender cords of muscles running the length of his arms and legs, giving him the appearance of a lean jungle cat. He was wearing long dark pants and tight black tank top that showed off his square shoulders, toned chest, and strong arms.

He backed up half a step and took me in with his eyes. He locked on my vivid amethyst eyes for a couple seconds before looking over the rest of me. I was wearing a short sapphire halter top dress that rippled at the top and flowed down to just above my knees. We were both barefoot which was the custom of our people.

“How would you like to go for a ride?” he asked with a mischievous smile. I crinkled my eyes at him in suspicion and confusion which he took for a yes. He began singing in the ancient language; his smooth lyrical voice danced through the air to the sky above until one of the winged reptiles of the cosmos heard him and came circling down to us.

The dragon had impressive onyx black claws, horns, eyes, and spikes along its tail while its scales shimmered of labyrinthine swirls of emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and ruby. Its endless omniscient eyes turned toward us and it let out a soft, melodic, humming noise. The breath got in my throat as I stared up at the awe inspiring creature. He took my hand and smiled at me encouragingly and led me to the side of the animal. The creature’s eyes followed us and it crouched low to the ground. We climbed upon its claws and up its fore leg to the little nook between its shoulder blades.

The reptilian creature propelled itself into the air on powerful, monstrous legs. Within seconds we were high above the clouds accelerating through pure mountain air. He was sitting behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist comfortingly. Our bodies were pressed together from the force of the wind; it felt like an electric charge was coursing through our forms.

The dragon was nimbly flying elaborate patterns, cutting through the sky like a wayward arrow. The humming began again in its chest and reverberated throughout its whole body and into us in turn.

The wind whipped through my hair sending the long glistening threads fluttering behind us unrestrained. The cool air washing my face felt exhilarating. Not even the heavens could contain these winged beasts. It gave me the ultimate sensation of freeness and weightlessness. All of my burdens and obligations gone; the wind and open, clear sky as my only limits.

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KK2013 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 25, 2010 at 8:26 pm
very good descriptions!!! very very good. i would lengthen it though, at least the beginning part.
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