Tree Tops and Orphan Girls

December 27, 2009
By Blaire BRONZE, Maryville, Tennessee
Blaire BRONZE, Maryville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"Whoever said anything was possible, obviously never tried slamming a revolving door!"- Unknown

When I was little, people would tell me things like, "Isn't it hard living so high up there?
I mean, without your mom and dad..." One of my friends asked me; Sara.
"Nope... Not really. I like to think of it as being independent and getting to do things others
could only dream of doing. Think how cool it would be to live in a tree house?" I smiled,
trying to make the situation a little brighter than it was.
"Whatever you say, Adrian. Just promise me one thing!" Sarah shouted, now climbing into the car
to leave for a move to Faere, a far off town on the east coast of Nyguesia.
"What's that?" I shouted above the car's engine to her, only a few feet away.
"Don't get hurt while I'm gone, okay?" She smiled, waving her arms in the air as she rode off
in the distance.
"Hurt?" I whispered to myself, climbing on my motorcycle, riding off in the opposite direction.

I finally got to the edge of the city, an open feild stretching before me. I looked up as I
rolled my bike under the vast darkness of the great camphor tree's shadow.
"Home sweet home," I sighed, leaning my motorcycle on the tree. The tree had grown in such a way
that each branch that was just above it, was in a spiral pattern, allowing access to the very top.
I jumped up each branch, gripping the rope that was attached from the top so that if I slipped,
I wouldn't fall. I finally reached the last few branches, stronger from the rest. I threw myself up
onto the final branch, forcing me to use every ounce of my energy to get there with out falling
back to earth. I pulled myself over the edge of the thick wooden platform that held my magnificent
tree house.
"I... Made it.... in..." I gasped, glancing at my watch, "...thirty minutes..."
I fell back onto the platform, exhaust rushing through my every muscle. I finally gained the
energy to sit up, so that I might gaze at the giant hole that was placed at the top of the tree

It was like looking through a painting, every detail in place and each color clearly defined.
Breathtaking was an understatement for the beauty; odd to hear that from a guy, huh?
I leaned back and let the cold air rush over me, it's sweet smell of the variouse flowers
in the feild below, carried to my heights.

What a beautiful place to be... The smells and sights of the beautiful feilds, rolling over the country side. The sweet smells... they reminded me of.... a girl I've yet to meet!

(Second installment comming soon!)

The author's comments:
I honestly made this up at 3:30 in the morning. I had just registered and I saw the tab "Submit New Work" and I kind of went from there!

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