Children of the Harvest

January 7, 2010
By JHale_44 GOLD, Roseville, Michigan
JHale_44 GOLD, Roseville, Michigan
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It’s been about 19 years sense The Harvest started, and ever sense; me, and my family still haven’t been accepted by the people that aren’t like me, And the only thing that protects us and others like us is the fact that the humans are much afraid of our government and know not to play with them.

The Harvest started about 3 years before I was born. And from what I hear, I should be glad that I wasn’t born in that time, because cross breed children that were born then, would be killed.

When I was young, people, humans and even my own kind- because I consider myself a lot more… alien, then human even though I’m a half breed- would tolerate me and my family, but today, even after the law was set that we must live in peace, they still look at us wrong, like we are some kind of threat, which to them I guess we would be.

Even at school, my teachers, most not human, look at my like I’m different, which I am. The only humans that don’t look at me and my brother strangely are my father, and my best friend, Katharine. But her family still doesn’t like me. But by now, I really should be use to that.


It was that day of the anniversary of when The Harvest started. One that day most humans would stay in there homes, cry, sculled themselves. That was how most anniversaries went, and that’s how this one went to. School was out, and most didn’t have to work, unless you worked at a restaurant. My mother did, so she left early. After that it was just me, Caprica, and my brother Shaz were left let alone in the house, along with a sleeping father.

Father was… different these days, well according to mother. She said that before we were born, before everything happened, and before they got punished for inter breeding, he was funny, jumpy, always laughing at something, always smiling. But all me and Shaz see today, is a young, tired man, that hardly smiles, and never laughs.

He says that its not our fault, and that we should never blame ourselves but I know that he’s lying, and I know that because of that pain and suffering that we have caused, somewhere in his heart he hates us to, and I’m am not mad at him for that.

I got up around ten, ate my breakfast, took my pills, and started off to meet Katharine for our usual morning run. I loved a life like a human as much a possible, we weren’t that different from them, excepted the things could be plainly seen, like our faces. They are filled with many beautiful patterns and tattoo looking marks. That’s one thing I do like about being who I am, the beauty of our body and faces, but for everything else, I try not to dwell on.

I dress in my normal black jeans, and a t-shirt. I grab my bag and head out the door. But before I am out, Shaz, who is still at the table eating, stops me.

“Where are you going?” He cleared his mouth and asked. We are very close because for the things we both have gone thru over our sixteen years of living.

“Katharine and I are going running, we do it every morning.” I told him.

“Well yeah I kind of thought that,” Said Shaz, “but I just thought that you might not because of what today is. You know, Kat (Katharine’s nick name) might have a problem with it.”

I glared at him. “No,” I said. “I don’t have a problem with it and neither does she, she said she thinks it’s stupid and so do I.” But when I had realized what I had said, I regretted it. Saying anything against the government, would be punished, greatly.

I guessed Shaz was thinking that same thing when he said, “Don’t say that to loud Caprica, they’re everywhere.” And that was just about true.

They were everywhere. They had cameras everywhere, and I guessed they couldn’t trust us. And I don’t blame them.

“Tell father I should be gone for much past 10:00. And I’ll go to the store while I’m out.” I said as I walked out.

I walked out the door of our small house in the woods. My mother said that after the Harvest started, they put all the children of the Harvest and there family in secluded areas.

And because Kat wasn’t a child of Harvest she lived in the big city. Well as big as the cities today go. This was the size of what use to be Manhattan. But now it was called, Tarja.

It was about a 15 minute walk from my house in the forest, the Kat’s house in the city. And in the 15 minutes I got a least 100 longing looks from people that knew what I was. And from people who knew what I wasn’t.

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