The Scientist

January 5, 2010
The roaring winds slapped his face leaving behind pink cheeks. The full moon hung in the sky framed by dull gray clouds. There was a storm coming, but the man didn’t plan on leaving the station. Ringing split the silenced air. It’s midnight. The train was due six hours before, but there still is no sign of it nearing. The man was told about a train accident that had happend eailer that day, but the words were forgine to him. His family was gone now, the rest of his life blured from there.

Days turned to months and the months turned to years, all this time the man spent in his lab. His sadness and self pity turned into maddness and intellagence.The man has always tinked around with the idea of artifical intelegence. Time and time again he got close, but then again time and time again he had failed.

When the man grew old he knew his final breathes were coming near. He unleased all his geinusees and finaly created the perfect model of artifical intelegence. The purpose of this model was to continue the man's lab work. This was when The Scientist was born.

The man died before he had a chance to fully finished the model. While The Scientist was funtional, there were still a few glitches in his hard drive. He loved. He cried. He felt emotions but there were still a few loose wires where his intekkegence was kept. The Scient had to think harded than he should of have to recreate the man's thoughts. He evntually found the man's years worth of notes and began his work.

The Scientist went though the same mistakes the man did. Draft after draft and emotions after emotions. The sweet happiness he was overwhelded by when he got closer to sucess, nut right after the bitterness of his mistakes.

All of The Scientist's creations had a place in his life. He didn't destroy the imperfected and blemished robots like the man did. The man was an angry person, he never felt bliss after the accident, so he made The Scientist feel the bliss out of the small things in life that he could not feel himself.

Gears moved all over the once abandoned house. Some robots cleaned, some sang, some played, some read, but whatever they did they were all a family. Even though none of the robots felt emotion like the Scientist they all loved him.

The Scientist was in the basement going through some of the man's notes figuring what to do to make another like himself. After years of trying to over come his glitches he grew tired and frustrated. Channeling the man's emotions he was programmed the Scientist hunched down on his desk and let tears out of following the strekes of rust down his cheeks. He wasn't expecting anyone to come into his lab, but Loretta did. She was one of the robots The Scientist crated to have childlike wonder and enthusum about the world.

"Scientist? Are you hurt?"

"No Loretta, these are tears."

"Tears?" She asked.

"When a human is sad, he lets out salt water from the eyes."


"Well, it's just the way humans were designed. That is what I do here, I try to design us like humans."

"We are not human?"

"No...We are not human."

The house sat in silence. They heard. Everyone heard everything, because they always do. No one had said it out loud before. No, they are not human.

The Scientist got up. Left his basement, and went upstairs to enjoy his family, something the man never did when he was alive. Something the man regretted terribly.

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Romana.R said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 8:14 am
you have truly come a long way in the two years I have creative writing with you. I am so proud of you blanca <3 Love you ;)
taylor93kelly said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 8:13 am
Wow ! this story was so creative, I'm eager to hear more ! Great Job !
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