They Sit In Silence

November 29, 2009
By plainjayne BRONZE, Ft. Worth, Texas
plainjayne BRONZE, Ft. Worth, Texas
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"I know not with what weapons ww3 will be fought but ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones."- Einstein

Humans have long since been outlawed, we, as the innovative generation brought about our own downfall. One man in particular caused this demise. It was several hundred years ago that we began to desperately advance our sciences, searching for cures to diseases not yet discovered and solutions to problems we couldn't even dream of. At first everything was going well, as the days passed we gained more supporters in our science, God is an ancient deity long since forgotten in our society. If only we had God now maybe he could save us from our stupid selves. As we advanced things as trivial as getting sick with a simple cold became unheard of, this was a main factor in the downfall of man. A man by the name of William Hiens who was as were most people in the advancing society a scientist. Heins was sent into despair when his wife, one Julia Heins fell ill with none other than the common cold, as William had grown up in such an innovative age he was none the wiser as to how treat such a minuscule disease, and so Julia died at the hand of a case of the sniffles. Unfortunately for the rest of the world William began to regress, going back in time desperate for a cure for his long dead wife. What he found was probably the very essence of a mans greed. The Philosophers stone, a pacuiliar stone, that if used correctly could defy death itself. Made from alchemy this little stone was exactly what William needed, he wasn't successful in bringing back Julia, and maybe if he was our world wouldn't be in such disrepair. He was only successful in creating a monster, these monsters became fascinating advances in science, and soon enough were being created on purpose, for the sake of experiments to cruel to preform on human beings. As we continued making these monsters now dubbed Chimeras for there combined traits and appearances We erected a large dome, as the world was crumbling around us, due to our selfish needs to be better and more innovative with each day. The dome ironically in our world of atheist was named Eden, if only for the fact that 3 years from the day it was opened it became the only livable place in the universe. Outside of Eden noxious gasses were emitted soil the air, even then some people were forced to live outside of it. These people, called unholy's were the bane of every Eden dwelling citizens existence. The years wore on both inside and out of Eden and one day the unthinkable happened, there was an explosion inside of the core of Eden. It was so large in scale that everything and everyone in Eden was completely destroyed. The unholy's who roamed outside with the wild chimera weren't untouched. They slowly dwindled down until none were left. The humans who destroyed themselves in their greed sit in darkness, waiting for a second chance as the world rebuilds itself, rising from its literal ashes and becoming green again, promising everything they wont repeat their selfish mistakes, but until their time comes they will wait, sitting in silence.

The author's comments:
I really like science fiction, I probably get it from my dad. just something I made up in my free time. Hope you like it!

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