Fairy Dream

December 14, 2009
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I watched at the sunset in the Forrest. The moon’s light shone through the trees, letting in light, but it was still dark. I looked to the sky, and it looked like a reflection of water, yet I wasn’t wet. I could still see the stars through the protective trees. Trees surrounded me, and green blades of grass tickled my bare feet. The grass was pressed down beneath my feet and the cool grass grew beautifully. A small stream was beside me. I saw the reflection of the moon in it, and crickets were metronomes. Lanterns were gathered in a circle on the outside of the meadow. Although it was night, and only few candles lit our way, colors mixed and blended. I became a part of those colors. The wind was strong but it felt as if it blew through me. The air was sweet and clean. I looked around and dots of all colors danced in the sky. The came to a circle around me, dancing so fast, my hair and white dress followed them. I giggled as a purple and blue fairy greeted me. Woodland creatures emerged from the Forrest around me to watch the fairies dance. Then they flew away from the circle, flying around me in different directions. They sang like angels, spinning, humming, and I stretched my arms out and they flew around me, slower so I could see there faces. Shadows danced around with me. The air was filled with magic and harmony. The wind blew at my dress, and I danced with it. Fairies gathered around, still singing their sweet tune. I spun on my toes, and my dress spun with me. I threw my head back and let the wind blow through my hair. Feeling nothing but love and magic I began to sing along. Then I woke up to find my alarm clock blinking red letters I'm my face and screeching its evil blare. I groggily sat up out of bed and hoped that out of some magic from nowhere, the fairies would fly in my window and whisper to me all day.

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