white wolf

December 14, 2009
By licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
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As a boy I traveled a lot with my parents. They were photographers. We they were always looking for strange creatures. They heard a story, one day, of a wolf spirit living on a mountain near were we are. The mountain was called White Mountain, for the white wolf spirit. So we were headed to another village to get pictures of strange animals and creatures. When we got there we met a friendly Indian tribe who gave us a place to stay. They said that many wolf packs roam this area, but there friendly to people who wont hurt them, or there young. So we set out to try and spot this wolf sprit. The Indian shaman says it only comes to those who are not long for this world. On our hike to the base of the mountain, where most sightings occur we met a wolf pack. They smelled us a lot and there fur brushed past my leg. One came to me so I pet it on the head. They were almost like a regular dog, except there a lot bigger. He put his head under my left arm then all of a sudden another put its head under my right arm. They were really nice to us. We had to continue our hike so we went a different way from the wolf pack; I hoped to see them again soon. When we got to the base of the mountain, I really wished that I had brought a jacket, it was so cold. So we hiked back to the house the Indians let us use. To our, mostly mine, the two wolves that put there heads under my arms were there on the porch. Looks like I didn’t choose them as my friends they choose me. I sat next to them and ran my fingers through there warm fur, it made me feel so warm inside. We hiked to the mountain base each day hoping to get a glimpse of the wolf, it wouldn’t be difficult when there’s little to no snow at the base and the wolf is said to have fur as white as the mountain top. But alas we had no sightings. The good news about this is the wolf pack we met on our hike came to visit every now and again. My two friends sometimes came by themselves and they always managed to find me. Sometimes I tried hiding from them, but they always found me with ease. They never came at night, I guess they were hunting. One night while looking out my window I saw a wolf like figure at the top of the mountain. When I blinked it was gone, I guess it was my imagination. In the morning my parents had grave news, we had to leave in a week. They heard someone sighted a large creature in the Amazon that looked almost human. I asked if we would be able to come back to visit. They sadly shook there heads no. At this I screamed “I won’t leave. I love this place.” But they said “were running low on money and how long do you think the Indian chief will let us use this house?” I didn’t won’t to leave my friends. On the night before we were supposed to leave I ran off. Earlier that day I hiked the mountain a little and found a small cave. I checked it and guessed nothing lived there. So I went back to the cave and would wait until they decided to stay so I can stay here with my wolf friends. There the only true friends I ever had in my life. I was tired when I reached the cave so I slept on a flat surface near the end of the cave. I awoke early to a sound deeper in the cave. It was a low growling sound, heading towards me. When I turned I saw a large mountain lion heading towards me barring it large and sharp teeth. I turned and ran for the entrance. I was there when it sank its teeth into one leg and its claws in the other. Suddenly I couldn’t feel my legs and I fell forward, the cougar let go in time to not tumble down the mountain with me. When I finally reached the base I realized that blood was running out of large wounds on my leg, and then stopped. It was cold and I realized I was suffering from hypothermia. I yield out into the darkness for help. I was surprisingly loud. My voiced echoed a little. Suddenly I heard rapid foot steps heading towards me, and out of the darkness came my two wolf friends. They saw me and the blood. They knew what was happening but could do nothing since everyone was asleep. They came to me and put there heads on my lap. It didn’t hurt, so I put my hand on there fur, it was so warm. I started to slip away when suddenly the White Wolf appeared in front of me. Its white fur gave off a light. A light that keep the darkness away. I started to slip into my eternal sleep when the wolf spirit began to howl. It was like hearing the wind whistle in your ear, nothing could be unpleasant in this sound, even death seamed pleasant. As I slipped away completely the thought and memory of my true friends beside me gave me warmth in dying coldness the wolf spirits fur guided me into the light and its howl brought joy and music to my soul on the path I was to take, in the sleep I was to enter.

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