The Valley of Truth part 1

October 30, 2009
By The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
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"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, and be evil!"- Unknown

After the Devouts were defeated, peace reigned for 10 years under Sharki’s rule. One day, a cloaked figure came into Karshi with its hands glowing bright with soul energy, running towards Sharki’s enclave. When the karshian guards came to stop it, the cloaked person summoned a tsunami of souls and unleashed it onto the awestruck guards. When the cloaked figure reached the enclave, however, Sharki had gotten the news and was ready for the attack. Suddenly, the mysterious mage took off its macabre-woven hood, revealing itself to be Sharki’s long-lost cousin, Akamin!
“Cousin Akamin! Long time no see! You know, you could’ve just announced your arrival and waited in the embassy. That would’ve spared me many guards!” Sharki said regally. “My news is urgent! Where is Kaishor? I bring news from the Valley of Truth!” Akamin said impatiently. “I am here, Lord Akamin! What news do you bring?” Kaishor said as he jumped down from a platform above the enclave. “My rival, Nilorit, is planning to use his gang, dubbed “The Reapers of Lies”, to take over Karshi! Luckily, I overheard the plans 3 days ago, so we have 11 days to prepare for the attack. Where is the Arcane Quarter? I need to gather an army so we can help Karshi defeat the Reapers. I need 3 vessels to infuse with incarnum.” Akamin said with a clenched fist. “You are in luck. We have many incarnum users, like yourself, who will be honored to serve their country as an incarnate for your allied cause. I will fetch 3 vessels with godspeed.” Kaishor said as he rushed out of the enclave. “Will you need help from the tactician’s guild?” Sharki said with vigor in his voice. “No, but thanks anyways. I would like to be taken to the Valkyrie Wing, so I can set up my binding circles for the Invocation.” Akamin said as he unveiled 3 soulstones, which each had the name of one of his champions etched into the center, from his cloak. “Yes, cousin Akamin. You will have the provisions that you need for your quest. I will fight beside you for 3 reasons. First, these vile mages are landing an assault on Karshi. Second, you are family. Lastly, you are the only one who can resurrect my mother from the dead.” Sharki said intently. “Ok then, the terms seem to be set. Now, lets prepare for the coming assault properly.” Akamin said as he went into the enclave.

As the weeks went by, more karshians signed up for the defense force. By the time the deadline came, 90% of the population was trained for this defense. “Remember to stand your ground and to remember these words: FOR KARSHI!!!!!!!!!” Kaishor yelled as he rallied the army to battle. Sure enough, the gates burst open with black arcana. Emerging from the rubble was none other than the infamous Nilorit. “Stand aside, foolish townsfolk. The Karshian Empire belongs to us now! Resistance is futile, foolish rabble!” Nilorit exclaimed as he prepared to fire a sinister black bolt. “I would like to see you try, foolish villain!” Sharki said as he emerged from the crowd, lit with radiant fire. “Wrong choice, foolish king!” Nilorit said as he hurled the void-like ball at Sharki. As the void ball reached Sharki, his radiant fire mantle reacted, incinerating the bolt like fireworks in a starless sky. “It is you who is truly the fool. I am Sharki, Champion of Karshi! Your void will never consume my eternal radiance! Never!” Sharki roared as his radiant fire mantle erupted. “Nooooooooooooooo!” Nilorit said as he was consumed by the exploding radiance. The explosion blasted up as well as out, lighting up the wintry night with a starry beacon. “Hopefully the rest of the raiders get the hint.” Sharki said to Kaishor, who had seen the beacon and came to see the aftermath. “Me too, King, me too.” Kaishor said as he observed the crater with Nilorit’s incinerated corpse inside. The body was severely burned, so much that the body could’ve never taken such an incineration. Suddenly, the body turned pitch black and melted into the earth.

As things started settling down, an envoy from a local adventuring company came into Sharki’s chamber, demanding for him to step down so that their leaders could reign. “Never will I be scared out of my rule! Get out, you filthy blackmailer!” Sharki roared, his hand on his magical rapier. “Wrong answer! Get him men!” the envoy said as 2 assassins came out of the shadows, ready to commit a usurper. Just as they were closing in on Sharki, 3 celestials phased from below and restrained the assassins. “Let 2 of them go. I want to send a message to their leaders.” Sharki said as his scar started glowing pale blue. With his command, the celestials teleported away, and, now that the celestials were out of the way, Sharki summoned a ray of frozen light, which promptly turned the assassins to ice, which quickly shattered as he lowered his point towards the assassins. “Cousin Sharki! Are you ok?” Akamin said as he ran into the throne room, having seen the 3 assassins enter 30 minutes prior. “Just fine. Can you send a raid regiment to capture the traitors who sent these blasphemous murderers to commit usurper? Also, prepare a ritual circle for my mother’s resurrection. In addition, inform Kaishor that once these two missions have been completed, we will free my father from the devout prison! May the fury of Karshi invigorate your quest, my cousin,” Sharki said with fist clenched and his scar glowing as bright as a supernova. “Your word shall be fulfilled with haste, my cousin!” Akamin announced as he went to complete the quest his cousin had given him.

The author's comments:
The 3rd instalment in the Star Inside saga, where various things happen, such as Sharki being reunited with his parents and his cousin, as well as the lead-off into a collaboration I did with another writer.

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