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November 18, 2009
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I could see him pacing back and forth in front of the container which held me. He walked, back and forth, back and forth, impatiently, sighing every ten steps exactly. Smiling, I placed my hand gently on the smooth glass, marveling at it's innocence, smooth, unmarred, not knowing of the harshness of the outside world.

"Why do you pace so?" I questioned, scrunching my eyesbrows together as I concentrated on making the message reach his mind and his mind alone.

"Don't talk to me." He mumbles, but my sensitive ears can still distinguish the syllables; they seem to roll on the air, express mail, just for my ears.

"I'm not angry with you. I understand why this was done." I sigh into his mind and step back into the empty box, sitting on the floor in a crosslegged fashion, watching him. The glass beneath me is also smooth, unmarred, though I have tried countless time to ruin it, but to no avail.

"Shut up!" He yells, but I just blink my eyes cooly, staring at my love, my everything, my betrayer. I could barely remember the first day we had met; so many good ones had followed.

"I am sorry for who I am." I whisper quietly, but it no doubt reaches his thoughts, as he twitches and cringes as if wild fire ants had begun to bite at his flesh.

"Don't be." Comes his reply, and I can hear the sadness accompanying his statement. I shake my head at his voice, wishing I could hold him and comfort him, as I had done when his heart had been broken into thousands of pieces; I had picked them up tenderly and put them back together, but there would always be a tiny crack, and that crack had gotten between us and then widened into a crevice, which had then widened into a gorge so large I dared not to even try to cross. His cold blue eyes stared at me now and a single curl of gold spun hair rested on his forehead.

"They're coming." I whisper in solemn defeat as the feet of the scientists' echo across the vast expanse of their lab, their heels drumming on the cool, marble floor. The steady beat continues until they reach my holding box, and he looks at me, his eyes beginning to glisten while mine stay dry. I can see the war going on inside of him as the scientists unlock my box and put the chains on me, locking my heart and body in.

"Is there.... anything you want before the take you away?" He asks in a hurried whisper while walking beside my chained body that now lay on a stretcher, with crisp white linen sheets under and overtop me, being wheeled by the scientists.

"Your name." I say sweetly back. I, even with being with him so long, had not learned his name. I had given my word, my promise, that I would not betray him and enter his mind, whilst he would not report me to those that wished to destroy my kind. He had betrayed me, but I was leniant with myself that I would not return this murderous betrayal; I would keep my side of this bargain, no matter how much my mind told me to betray myself and him, even just for a second. But I wouldn't.

"Kai." He says, choking back an inaudible cry as the scientists enter the stark white room with my body, no machinery whirring; but the silence is the very oposite of peaceful, as the air was heavy with the stink of death in a syringe that rested on the only table in the white room.

"Thank you, Kai." I tell him, and wish to stroke his cheek, but the door slams before I can so much as twitch a finger in a futile attempt to move.

"Goodbye." My whisper reaches the door and passes it, giving Kai a soft whisper as my breath escapes this world.

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RobotPenn. said...
May 8, 2015 at 10:57 am
Wow! I really really liked this. Short, and sad, but with a story within it that you feel like you know. Who they were, how they lived, it's all there. In a few short paragraphs, you've created a world. Great job. I loved it. :)
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