November 14, 2009
By Jessica G. SILVER, Aventura, Florida
Jessica G. SILVER, Aventura, Florida
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1: “I hate this!” Jordan slams her fist through the glass desk, shattering the “unbreakable” gift her father thought would make her happy. 7 seconds earlier, Jordan read an unexpected letter, sent from Sam. “I get the job done, and then get no credit! I’m done. I’m out.”
“Come on Jordan, chill. Once you join, you know you have to deal. This isn’t the first time you got this type of letter.” Calming her down, Kyle wraps his arms around his girlfriend.
“Dude, no. I’m not going to be kicked down the ladder every time I should be climbing up. It’s bulls***.” Jordan maneuvers out from Kyle’s grip, sending him the “don’t touch me” message. What Jordan doesn’t know, is that this letter, that is causing her blood pressure to sky rocket, is simply and surely a joke. Sam, Jordan’s “boss”, is…well to put it simply, a jerk. But a jerk or not, he’s the best Keeper the Angels have seen in a while.
Kyle has to make sure Jordan doesn’t say the few words that can cost both of them their lives. “Jordan, look at me. Look at me!” He grabs Jordan’s face, and stares into her azure eyes. “Calm down. You know it’s no use. You agreed to this life. Plus, if you hadn’t accepted your gift, we would never have met.” Kyle pulls his lips apart, allowing his pure white teeth to catch the light. Finally, Jordan responds, with a kiss. Lips barely touching, the heat intensifying, and fingers entwined in each other’s hair, Jordan whispers, “True.”

2: Next morning, a knock on the door wakes the both of them up. Kyle jolts for his gun, Jordan calms the spikes in her head.
“Who is it?” Kyle yells through the door.
“Wow. Kyle, calm down. It’s just me.” Kyle loosens up and opens the door. “Well I suppose you two had a nice night, while I had to clean up the PR mess Cali set up for us.” Tommy, Jordan’s cousin and Kyle’s best friend, finds his way to the kitchen. “Oh sure, just leave me to make the coffee.”
“What PR mess? Why didn’t you call?” The worry in Jordan’s voice is high, considering the Angels reputation hasn’t been the best in Society lately. Why? Well back in August, Sam set out on a job that was too heavy for him to handle on his own. But naturally, his ego got the best of him, and he rejected any help that was offered to him. To add to this tragic story, the job was in Mexico, the one place where it is not only legal, but encouraged to kill Angels. Anyway, Sam arrived, found his target, a Shifter who crossed over to the Devils, and ended him. But Sam was sloppy, and didn’t cover his tracks. Some other Devil was spotting him, and if Jordan hadn’t received a streak of Sam’s scene when she did, he would be dead. This little mishap got out into the overly brutal and gossip centric world of Society, and the Angels have been a joke ever since.
“Oh don’t get your panties all up in a bunch. I took care of it. Actually, it might be one of my best PR clean ups yet.” Tommy praises himself, as usual.
“Wait, back up. What did Cali do…again?” The irritation in Kyle’s voice is intense, and Tommy’s egotistical smirk disappears; he is not interested in getting into a brawl with the best Striker Society has seen since…well…ever.
“Okay. So Sam wanted to test her, learn her limits. I mean, she’s new, and honestly, a bit sketchy. Anyway. Sam gives her this job, I don’t even know why, I wouldn’t have even been able to finish it, let alone give it to a New One. So the job was to find Lark Kritz, and bring him to Center. LARK KRITZ, ONE OF THE STRONGEST DEVILS AND SAM’S BROTHER. I mean, I was in complete shock. Sam couldn’t even catch old Kritzy himself. So anyway, Cali takes the job, and sets out for him, even before preparations. She seemed pumped and mind set, but…” Tommy hesitates, anticipating a not-so-good reaction from Kyle.
“But what?” Kyle almost yells.
“Instead of catching him and bringing him, she catches him, and…kills him. Kills him in the middle of the food court at that big mall in Avenutra. I mean I understand these Mortals know we exist and accept us, but they didn’t sign up to witness the way we do our jobs. I mean, she ripped his head front of kids. It was gruesome.” Tommy shakes his head, bows his eyes, and takes a seat. All Jordan can do is stand in the same spot, shocked, and out of words. But Kyle is fuming, pacing, debating whether or not he should kill Cali, Sam, or both.
“What I don’t understand is why Sam would even give her such a task. He’s not dumb, and he sure as hell hates being the joke of Society. Something’s going on…I feel it…but I can’t see it.” Jordan kicks the bed post, relieving anxiety and annoyance.
“Damn, your Strength is coming in. Finally! The double “D” is here!” Tommy raises his hands in celebration, and does a little dance.
“Double “D”?” Jordan questions. “Yeah, double danger. You the first Angel in 30 years to be given double thread of power. You’re a full on Streaker, one of the best I might add, and soon, you’ll be a full on Striker.” Tommy explains his bizarre excitement, but Kyle still has a worried look on his face.

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