Children of Intrigue

November 10, 2009
By Jericho_Frost BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Jericho_Frost BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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Long ago in the time of human beginnings in the great region, known today as The Bermuda Triangle, there was a war waged between three great nations who wielded powers, which can be only described as magic.
The first and largest of these nations was the civilization of Atlantis whose people were young and powerful, ambitiously driven towards the mining of the magicite of the area from the sea, and keeping its powers for themselves, and making their nearest neighbors the people of Bagardia slaves in their crystal mines. They waged war with other peoples of the world, as their mining endeavors gave them modes of transportation that are to this day still only dreamed of, but their greatest contention was in their own back yard.
The second of these nations were a people known as the Bagardians, a people who lived in the sands of the seas and the originators of the sand sharks and dusk animals that dwell alike. They prided themselves as being a hybrid breed with the hard outer shell of a crustacean and the amphibious ability to live in both the water and the land, and knew the seas better than every creature but the Merpeople.
The third and most mysterious of these nations was a people known as the Darkarians. They were a people who wielded magic so powerful that they had uprooted their home island on the planet of Neptune and had traveled and deposited it in the center of the vast expanse of The Triangle and in the process had moved even Atlantis and Bagardia from their original positions to make room for themselves. Though they were not a conceited people they stayed to themselves as much as possible in order to keep their culture and that of “the others” from integrating. As is such with people so skilled and different, conflict arouse time and again.
And then one day it happened. The island of Atlantis issued an unannounced attack on both the islands of Bagardia and Darkaria heightening the intensity of their attack by using their precious magicite and using their bodies as vessels for the channeling of this power. The peoples of Bagardia were the first to react, as their island had no magical protectant as the island of Darkaria had. They unleashed their long forgotten powers and were transformed into less humanoid beings, and were changed into monstrous creatures some in the shape of giant serpents or dragons.
The Darkarians themselves didn’t even take notice of the attack happening until their beloved Darkarian Mansion the largest structure on their island started to groan with the pressure of the force field that covered the entirety of the being pushed down on the structure that was centered under apex of that shield. When in fact they did notice it, the whole of the island was spurred into battle led by the twin Queens of Snow and Sand, and the Fraternal King and Queen of Ember and Spark, and the Elvin and Faerie Royals.
As the battle ensued, the island of Atlantis realized that in their preparations for this behemoth carnage that they had made a mistake. They had underestimated their opponents. The Bagardians had a magic that they had kept hidden from their captors, slave masters, and their rage at being enslaved for two eons made them powerful advisories. The Darkarians themselves had a magic that was so solidified and precise and bound in the elements that as they fought they made the earth and waters shake and rumble, quaking the very foundations of Atlantis itself, and the seas above their own home began to churn and crystallize.
With all the magic happening above and below them in their formation, the crystallized formations began to pull into themselves the wild magic and change the essence of the area of the Triangle. When massive tidal waves water fuelled and driven by this wild magic came and sunk the island of Atlantis totally below the surface of the ocean the peoples of the three warring nations began to notice the effects that their magics were having on the area in which they lived. Magnetic instruments didn’t point north and swung aimlessly around their central point, winds ceased to exist close to the center of the Triangle, and the Bagardians found that they no longer held the power to return to their human forms.
The three nations of Atlantis, Bagardians, and Dark aria came to a peace, as they realized that their magic and their fighting had caused all these wonders and anomalies to rise into existence. They decided to use some of their own resources to draw up an area that would be boundaries to contain the disturbances. To the north, the Atlanteans made a line of crystal, to the west the Bagardians made lines of seaweed and reef, and to the east the Darkarians made lines of sand and storms. These lines once all in place became the boundaries for what we know today as The Bermuda Triangle.
We come now to the end of the legend of The Children of Intrigue, yet it is only the beginning of others. There is still many a Legend Untold.

The author's comments:
This piece was written as an Origin Myth in Eleventh Grade English.It is the origin of the Bermuda Triangle according to the book series I am writing called AniMages, Legend Untold. I hope to get the first book published soon, and will include this story in the book.

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