Chapter one: Defiance By Choice (Part two)

November 6, 2009
By Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Vixie_Chu SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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Her eyes shut softly as I continued to sing. I smiled warmly and took her hand in mine. After a few moments she was off in a dream land. “I love you.” I whispered in her ear. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. If I could I would watch her sleep for hours on end. My eyes began to grow heavier and heavier. I did my best to stay awake but soon my loves arms dragged me into the same sleep land that she was now in.
It felt like I couldn’t have been asleep any longer than five minutes when a bright light shined through the cracks of the wall in front of us. I opened my eyes slowly and turned to peer at what I hoped would be my sleeping beauty. She wasn’t thereI My heart raced as I jumped from where I sat on the now cold and lifeless ground. “Marrival! Marrival!” I called out as my head darted from area to area. They couldn’t of came for her while I was asleep, could they? My head raced with thoughts and my heart felt like it was about to jump from my chest.
“Boo!” Out of nowhere a red hooded figure jumped out from behind a wall. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sight of this mystery woman.
“Who are you?” I rummaged through my large sickly green colored coat pockets and pulled out a large pistol.

“Don’t shoot.” She reached her hands up and pulled down the cloaks hood.
“Marrival!” I ran up to her nearly tackling her. “You scared the sh** outa me... Don’t do that again.” She chuckled at my worries.
“When I woke up you were asleep so I decided not to bother you. They have some really neat stuff in this house. Oo...I want to show you something!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me through a hallway that leads into a larger red bricked room that was now without a roof. She let go and ran over to a large chest that had several things over flowing from it that most likely was caused by her rummaging. “The clothes look so pretty…There is even some for you.” She pulled out a jacket, a pair of pants, and a button up shirt that was all in a dark red color. It looked like something out a picture from one of the books we read, I believe it was called a suit. “Get dressed!” She almost commanded me. More than eager to, I pulled off my drab tattered gray pants and shirt. I slid into clothes with ease.
“They fit like a glove.” I smiled and turned around so she could get a good look. “What d’you think?” I asked after taking another full turn.
“Handsome. Perfectly beautifully handsome.” She looked at me with these longing bright green eyes that even on my dying day I will remember. She reached her hand in the chest and pulled out two black shinny shoes. “Put these on too. They match!” She tossed them over to me and I obliged her request.

The author's comments:
This is the second part of the first chapter of a novel I hope to complete soon. It is about how love is not easily forgotten or abolished.Please tell me what you think.

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