The Humming Paddle Morning Island

October 26, 2009
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I entered the doors to my childhood library; my favorite place from my memories. I ran my fingers across the books on one bookshelf. Plastic covers, rough bindings, and soft pages. I looked at the walls and admired the repeating patterns. Just from the smell of the library I felt smarter. *Smells like knowledge…* I thought. I remembered the authors I was supposed to find and started searching, *Louis Jambor and Ingrid Law…*
I looked up to see an angel’s face looking down on me. I smiled and started pulling out some books. Warhorse, Jungle Book, Goose Girl, Savvy; books about the North pole, boats, waves, Bwana, and pens. Some books were thin some thick, old and new, flimsy, solid, smooth, and firm; these were all characteristics of the books I chose.
As I walked pass a group of new books on a shelf I stopped to look at their fake look, they always had an un-realistic feel to them. Then again they were new and haven’t been in the hands of energetic readers. I flipped through some of the pages of the newest book and frowned when I found an already torn page. *BFG* I thought as I closed the book in disgust. I turned around and saw a flash of orange; I spun my head around and saw my friend Bobbi.
“Hey Bobbi! What are you doing here?” I asked speaking in Paddle language.
“Kah! Rebekah! I didn’t see you there!” She joked with me. For we both knew that the Paddlers were a race that had no sight.
“So what book are you humming now?” I asked. Hummy was the word they used for reading. Since they don’t have sight they had a different method to read, and that’s what they called hummy.
“Ah just a book about being a doctor,” She said, “You see (no pun intended) I’ve always wanted to enter into those swinging doors with a big white coat on and perform an operation that could save someone’s life,” She said with great enthusiasm.
I laughed and Bobbi left to check out her book. I soon checked out mine and left the library for the last ferry that day. The Library had the strangest location, but it was also the most magical, for it was on a small little island named Morning, with lots and lots of Paddlers.

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