October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It was dark. I couldn’t see anything. Pitch black. I could feel the stillness in the air and knew that it would start soon. It was quiet. My breathing seemed loud in the silence. I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear me.1

Lightning flashed across the sky followed by the roar of thunder. It was beginning. I head tight to the iron banister and sat onto the cobble steps, waiting. Lightning flashed across the sky again and they stepped out from the shadows. She was there with them as always. She posed herself as if embracing the night. She stood on her toes like a ballerina, but she could put even the most graceful of ballerinas to shame.2

Thunder roared and the lightning light up the sky constantly as if a light was on. The man and woman that had come with her left her to go back into the shadows. I felt a drop of water fall onto my face and knew it was beginning. 3

She traced one foot onto the cobble street and paused. It began to rain and she began twirling around and around. Her hair floated in the air as if it she were in actual water. As if she were dancing in water. 4

Her black hair began to whip around her as the wind began to blow wildly. Her ivory skin glowed silver as the sky cleared to let the full moon through, as if just to shine onto her perfect form. She was weaving in and out of the wind as if it were her partner.5

I watched in amazement as leaves flew into the sky from the gutters and took form as a man. I could tell that if he were a real man, he would be beyond handsome…godlike. He danced with her and I sat watching. Her hair was still whipping around her and she danced to the roar of the thunder and singing of the wind.6

The man of leaves danced with her, both staring intently into each others eyes. Their dance slowed as the thunder and wind calmed. The storm was passing and the rain was lightening.7

She sighed and it sound like waves hitting the shore. He laughed and it sounded like leaves in the wind. He began to sing to her as their dancing slowed to an end. His voice was the singing wind. He was wind singing. They smiled at each other and I smiled in reaction to theirs.8

He held his hand to her face and she held it there. I watched, wanting to be part of their world.9

The rain stopped and the thunder softened, but the lightning stayed. I watched as he kissed her lips lightly and everything went black. I blinked furiously hoping my eyes would adjust, they wouldn’t.10

I heard the wind whisper in my ear, “You don’t want this…” then fade away. The lightning flashed again and she stood by herself her face twisted in pain. I felt her pain as if it was my own and I let out a sob.11

Her head shot up in my direction and she whispered to me, “You don’t want this…” She ran into the shadows and disappeared.12

I ran trying to follow her into the shadows but nearly ran into a wall. Anger shot through my body and I screamed, “I do! I want this so bad!” I fell to my knees and screamed again, “I want it!”13

Someone touched my shoulder and I looked up hoping it was her or him to turn me into one of them. “Child, you don’t want that really. It’s not worth it.” I looked up to see a handsome man looking off into the shadows where she disappeared.14

“They were both human once, they thought they wanted that…They were wrong. Now, they can only be together when there is a storm during the full moon. They are always in pain from it. You don’t want that…” The man left me kneeling on the cobble street. I looked into the shadows and whispered to myself, “I want it…”15

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