The Warring Races

October 12, 2009
By Kymvaris BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
Kymvaris BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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Many years of fighting had occurred between the dwarves and elves of the mythical land of Sakarath. In fact, the fighting had been going on so long that most could no longer remember the reason the war had been started. As the High King of the usually peaceful water elves, Azareht was getting increasingly fed up with his High King brothers of the fire, wind, and earth elves. Azareht's brothers wanted to attack, instead of defending only; Azareht did not.



They all wanted his assent, and they would not get it. "I'm sorry, but we water elves are a peaceful kind, content with defending only, not worrying about attacking and fancy tactics. We will defend our homelands, and then heal our enemies to try to show that we do not want to fight, and we want peace. You will not get our help if you try to attack the dwarves."

"As you wish, brother, but you have not persuaded the three of us; we will still attack, without your help."

"I believe that you are only doomed to fail."

"Be that as it may, we continue with the plan of attack, which begins by taking leave of you to ready our spellcasters."

The three elves for fighting leave their brother's house, each heading a different direction toward their homelands as to ready their troops and march to the rendezvous point. The water elves, meaning no betrayal to their fellow elves, send a council of five to the dwarven camps, to warn of the attack. Upon reaching the Dwarven King's tent, they pass the message on, only asking in return that they march to the battle site without any weapons. Appalled at the fact that the Elven King would even think to ask the dwarves that, the King orders them to be executed as liars and fools.

Meanwhile, the three elven kings have met, and began their march on the dwarves. Finally reaching the dwarven camps, they attack! They slaughter these dwarves since the dwarve's foolish king took no heed of the peaceful water elves' warning.

While rummaging through the dead dwarves' settlements, the brothers found the bodies of the five water elves. Indiginant, they rushed back to their brother, barging in without any formality.

"What were you thinking?! Warning the enemy! YOU TRAITOR!"

"No, brothers," the King said calmly, "I was only trying to protect you. You see, the king you killed back there was a decoy king, the real king stands with his bow drawn directly behind you, with other assassins spread about the room. Had you listened to me, this could have been avoided; unfortunately, you didn't, and your foolishness is your downfall. When the king puts his arrows in your back, it will be a blood pact between me, the new High King of All Elves, and His Majesty. We will have resolved the conflict in a relatively peaceful manner. No thanks to you."

"But brother!! You would not let him kill us!!"

"Unfortunately, I have to. You would not follow the wise course of action, and I can not have you jeopardizing the throne. Good-bye"

At a nod from Azareht, the dwarf king released his bow, and efficiently killed the three brothers, sealing the pact betweent the races that ends the war.


Peaceful ends, may justify the means, and fighting is never the answer.


By writing this story, I am in no way telling anyone to murder or hurt anyone to get peaceful means. I am writing this for educational purposes, and will not be held responsible for anything the readers of this story do to themselves or anyone around them.

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