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October 16, 2009
By Write_It BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
Write_It BRONZE, Warrenton, Missouri
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Walking down the road whistling, I was headed to work. I passed plenty of glass plated buildings and a few other people. I wasn’t really paying attention, and suddenly felt a sharp crack on my head. Looking down there was a cheap pair of sun-glasses. Picking them up I stuck them in my front pocket. Why let some good glasses go to waste?

I spent the usual day at the office. I sat at my desk in my cubicle, and talked to some co-workers at the water cooler; you know the typical day. About the time lunch had rolled around it had gotten very bright and very hot. Remembering the glasses I had found earlier, I put them on and stepped out. A brilliant flash blinded me, and I blinked away the spots.

The first thing I noticed was that the glasses were really 3-D. Then I noticed the ancient wooden gate erected in the middle of the street. No one else seemed to notice it; they passed right through it in fact. Stepping towards it hesitantly, I wondered what it would lead to? I had some fervent thoughts, each one stranger than the last. In an outbreak of sweat I reached towards the handle.

As soon as contact was made, I exploded in pain. I felt like every fiber of my being was ripped into shreds. My very DNA was on fire. As suddenly as it had come, it stopped.

I slowly opened my eyes and thought I had gone blind. It was like a negative photograph, only the entire world! And the people! They were shadows, full living people, but black as night with glowing red eyes.

Ripping off the glasses, I looked around in a panic. It wasn’t a dream, it was real! I grabbed the nearest being, trying to communicate what was going on. It tried to speak, but it just sounded like static. I panicked some more; and then were sirens. Out of nowhere I was surrounded, and being beaten with sticks.

They dragged me off to what I assumed was prison. They gave me clothes and a cell. Unfortunately they took the glasses, so I’m stuck, stuck for an eternity in a foreign world. I’m slowly losing my sanity. And it all began with the glasses from the Third Dimension.

The author's comments:
i had to write this for english with ms. hunter

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