The Beginning: Chapter 1 part 5

October 5, 2009
I woke up with a jolt, sweat rolling down my face. It was just a nightmare, Amaya, I told myself, to help me calm down. I took a look around my new gigantic house, noticing the morning has come, along with another day. I got my lazy butt of the couch and went to my box. Compared to most people, I’m rich, but only because of my life before this one. I looked through the box for an outfit to wear and stuck with a dress I found in good condition laying on the street weeks ago. It goes to about my knees and considering that my legs are long, the person who wore this before me must have had long legs as well. Lucky me, right? The dress was a purple color with black at the ridges on the top and bottom. It is gorgeous, at least to me it is.

After dressing, placing my gun and knifes on their latches and onto my leg, and brushing up, I head out to town to see this promising city. As I’m walking around the new and strange town, I noticed the city is practically empty compared to yesterday, which is completely odd.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here gang? Looks like a stray sheep wondered away from her little home.” I turned around to see a pack of weres smiling and grinning like happy little cows. Lucky for them non of them are the ones who killed my parents, so I’ll go easy on them.
A few people peek out of their houses, out of curiosity at the noise they were making and, of course, the show. Some of them are vampires.

“Lets see, I see no sheep here, but a girl and my house is gigantic not little. By the way, you and your little gang better leave, or you might just end up getting yourselves killed werewolves. I am sure your little vampire friends don’t want me to kill you, but I will if I must.”

Low growls comes from their throats

“So you know what we are and who doesn’t like us. How, may I ask? Are you some fairy who can take the form of a puny little human girl who looks so frail looking that will die with one tiny punch from me?”

Wow, can he get any dumber. “Sorry to say this, but I’m a normal human being; not a vampire, not a werewolf, and not a fairy. I’m surprised that your doggy nose didn’t tell you that.”

They actually started growling louder, people around us was able to hear. Seems like I hit a nerve. Or maybe they are trying to scare me.

“You know, if your trying to scare me, your not.”

“I’m surprised you lived this long human, but today is your last day here, so if you have any prayers, I suggest you say them now.”

I smiled, “Or maybe its you and your gang who should be praying for mercy?”

“Your so dead! Get her boys!” Then one by one, they all came charging at me. Even though they are moving at lightning speed, I can see them perfectly clear. I don’t know why I can since I’m human, but I can since, not to long ago actually. Maybe I’m getting super powers? Haha, yeah right. I dodge every attack they launch at me, while, cutting their arms, legs, or even heads off. Blood splattering everywhere, even onto me, as my knife cuts and hacks into their masculine bodies, their limbs flying everywhere, and occasionally their guts if I cut deep enough. Once every were that attacked me was down and chopped to pieces and made sure they weren’t alive, I turned to look at their leader, who is standing there, with his mouth ajar. I smiled at him as he flinched. I started walking over to him, him taking the same amount of steps backwards.

“W-what are you?! You cant be human with what you just did!”

“Hm, yeah, that is true, but unfortunately for you, I am human.”

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