The Beginning: Chapter 1

October 5, 2009
The sun rose up early this morning, the birds near by, chirping away happily, singing their little cheerful song, even though the world is filled with hate and anger twenty-four-seven every single day. The sun seeped into the small window, causing the bright light to shine on my face. I turned around and pulled my ripped blanket over my head, not wanting to get up and face another long day. Today, I decided, I am moving from this city to another.

I yawned and stretched one more time before finally getting my butt off the hard, spring bed. I took a quick look around my little house that I’m currently occupying. Everything in the house is broken and the house only has one window so it’s still a bit dark. I patched up most of the opened walls that are opened to the outside world and will likely cause the cold air to drift in the small house.

I got off the hard, spring bed and walked over to the large, cracked mirror leaning against the dark gray wall. I see a girl who appears to be about twelve with shortish black hair and bright purple eyes. That was me five years ago, before anything in my life went upside down for the worse. Now, five years later since that Dark Time, my hair is down to my butt, messy from having been tossing and turning on the hard springy bed during the to quick of a night, but nothing a brush can’t fix. My eyes are still purple, but I lost the shine that glittered in them and the feelings they used to show.

I’m alone now. My parents died five years ago. It was a terrible shock for me to witness the death of them, the two people I loved so dearly. It was a cloudy, hot night, promising us of the coming of rain. You can hardly see the moon shine through the thick clouds above, wanting to poor down rain on top of us so badly, but trying to hold it. We had a big house even though only my parents and I lived there, and it was in good condition since it was only five years into the Dark Age. My parents threw me inside a small closet that had the door attached, as quickly as they heard the hungry howls outside our house. I got under the few blankets that occupied inside along with me and peeked through the small crack I made. Some people, men to be exact, walked through our front door, grinning like happy cows who just got a fresh patch of grass to eat, with a bit of blood on their mouths but lots of it on their white shirts. As they walked in with smiles on their faces, my parents looked up at them, fear leaking through their faces.

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