every thing is not always what it seems or is it ??!??!??

October 2, 2009
By xoxoAshleyxoxo BRONZE, Hazelton, Pennsylvania
xoxoAshleyxoxo BRONZE, Hazelton, Pennsylvania
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i had just moved from California (sunny side of the USA) to Maine (the cold part of the USA !!) anyway it was my first day of school and i was so excited the only thing i disliked was that it was a border school witch means i would be lying at the school it was so scary. after my perents and i fixed up my dorm (more like white jail cell) now it was vibrant with colors. I kissed my perents good-bye and cried alittle when i saw them leave. Then walked in my annoying roommate named Sarah she never stopped talking !!!!!!! after a night of hearing Sarah snore i was ready for my first class science the teacher was nice and the work was not that hard !!!! Then i looked to my left and saw this girl just glaring at me. Day after day it was the same she was in all my classes!!! i wanted to say something but it looked like she could take me !!! Her name was safire perfect name to fit her she had brown hair and reddish colored eyes!!!! later on a Friday night i heard a night "clink" in the middle of the night i had just got back from dance and i was tired, to make it worse it happened 3 time "clunk,clunk,clunk" i jumped out of my bed and screamed down the hall "OMG WILL YOU SHUT UP" only to realize it was safire in her dorm (next to mine) i knocked on the door and the door opened by its self it was pitch black then i heard a big "CLUNK" and then i saw something run passed me !!! the lights turned on!!! and then there in my presents was safire with and evil look on her face. all she kept repeating your the one, your the one, your the one. the next day i couldn't get out of bed was feeling good after Sarah left for school, my hands started to glow a bright pink and my eyes changed colors. they looked like safires . But what ever I though happened. the next day in school. Amy a total "drama queen x 10000" tripped me in the hall I wished she just get hurt then my hand glowed and it happened right before my eyes. Like Majic. That same day I ran to saires room and asked what was going on with me she answered u r in rolled in a witch and warlock school. Some students know the streghth of there powers. While others think this is a normal school. your perents are powerful human beings.......... i soon realized that was not all that was happening. School is going to be challenge but I think I can make it through or will I fail in the process.................. ?

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