September 30, 2009
By TSherman SILVER, Stone Mountain, Georgia
TSherman SILVER, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Two men stand in a bare room. Grey concrete floor, walls and ceiling surround the two denizens. A large mirror lies on the floor between them. Both men wear the same grey shirt with faded grey pants, and their features are so alike that one could almost mistake them for twins. However, subtle differences remain noticeable. A gleam of cruelty in one eye, a spark of kindness in the other. A mocking smirk on one’s lips, a gentle smile on the other. A rigid posture, tense and ready for action, on one, a relaxed and calm stance on the other. Polar opposites, residing in one room. Dark and Light. Two souls in one body.

Flashing, the mirror reflects an image of blue skies and green grass, a yellow sun and white clouds, colors impossibly reflected from the grey domain. The two spirits look into the mirror, examining the images of life. The dark man, maliciously grinning, reaches out and touches the mirror with the tip of his finger. The mirror darkens, spreading outward from the dark man’s touch. Frowning, the good man remains immobile as the darkness fills the entire mirror. The images of life, moments before bright and vibrant, dim under the influence of the dark man. The room, a uniform grey, blackens with the mirror. The light man fades, distinct lines blurring, leaving a flame of pure light behind. The darkness encroaches on the flame, slowly dimming the light, the essential goodness resident in every human being, in every child’s laughter. Separate, the soul of goodness falters and falls before the darkness, unable to withstand the false one. Blackness floods the room. One false soul, fueled by one body, remains in the room. Silence echoes in the empty soul room.

The author's comments:
Some people are afraid to show who they really are. They split their soul into who they are, and who they think everyone wants them to be. Eventually, one soul will kill the other.

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