Sanctity of the Unknown

September 2, 2009
By Shiroi BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
Shiroi BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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The Sanctity of the Unknown

By Patricia Roman

Chapter 1. Entry

It was dark that night. As the wind howled and moaned, blowing harshly through the community on that October night, 14-year-old Angela was chatting on the computer with a “special” friend. Once she took lead of something, it was as if a new government had formed. Angela was never a miscreant until there her life was changed drastically. Angela was typing vigorously on her keyboard until she heard footsteps coming towards her room. She stopped abruptly. Her door burst open as if someone rammed it down.

“Angela Marie Banner! I called you down for dinner 25 minutes ago,” said a lady with black hair, green eyes, and light skin.

“I heard you,” responded Angela.

“Then why haven’t you come downstairs?”

“Because I didn’t feel like it.”

“Excuse me, young lady?”

“You heard me. I didn’t feel like it. And I hope you heard it this time because I don’t feel like repeating myself.”

“Do you want to be grounded?”

“You’re such a pain, mom.”
Angela minimized her screen and stormed downstairs to the dining table. Her older sister, Amalia Ali, and her little sister, Ana Mercy, were sitting at the table, leaving an empty seat in the middle for Angela.

“Come on over Angie,” beckoned Ana Mercy. Angela went over to her little sister and kissed her forehead then took her seat at the table.

“What did you do,” question Amalia Ali.

“Why do you always assume it’s me,” asked Angela.
Amalia Ali just stared at her sister.

“Angela, you’re a pain in our butts. You always start the arguments. It would be a total miracle if you didn’t start them,” Amalia Ali stated calmly.

“How am I a pain in the butt?”

“You’re mean, stuck up, insubordinate, a brat, a complete miscreant, and just in general a complete bother to have around,” answered Amalia Ali.
Angela glared at Amalia Ali, frustrated with her constant “explaining.” Thankfully, their mother stepped in, breaking the tension in the room ever so slightly, with a huge tray of food. Ana Mercy was the first to stuff her face.
After dinner Angela went back to her room with her two sisters behind her.

“What do you freaks want?” Angela growled.

“What, you’re a dog now?” asked Amalia Ali. “We’re making sure you stay out of trouble.”
Angela let them into the room and locked the door behind them.

“I’m just chatting with a friend,” stated Angela.

“What kind of friend?” asked Amalia Ali.

“A friend. I’ve known him for two years now,” said Angela.

“Does mom know about him?” asked Amalia Ali.

“She doesn’t have to. Trust me, he’s in the clear,” said Angela ignoring everything else her big sister had to say.

A question popped on the screen. “Would you like to know where I live?”
Angela’s face grew serious. So did Amalia Ali’s.

“Oh yeah he’s in the clear,” said Amalia Ali sarcastically.

“Shut up,” said Angela seriously. She sent a response saying yes.

“What are you doing Angie?!” yelled Amalia Ali.

“Trying to see what he’s up to,” stated Angela.
Another message from her friend appeared on the screen.
“Would you like to come over and see?”
A bad feeling grew in the pit of Angela’s stomach. She didn’t know whether it was what he asked her or that her sister was glaring at her. She typed in yes.

“If you get into trouble, I promise I’m not going to bail you out,” promised Amalia Ali.
Suddenly, the computer screen filled the room with a warm light that blinded the three sisters.
The girls closed their eyes as the light took control. Then it was dark. The three of them found themselves on the ground of what seemed like ancient ruins. Ana Mercy, being only 10 years old was frightened yet filled with curiosity.

“What did you do?” Amalia Ali glared at Angela.

“Why do you assume it was me?” questioned Angela. Amalia Ali grabbed Angela by the neck.

“Why do I assume it was you?” she questioned sarcastically. “You were the one who said yes! You were the one chatting on the computer with a total stranger! Your computer was the one that lit up so bright it blinded us too much to see what happen–”
“I get it, I get it! It was me! You always have to be so violent. Let me go,” said Angela, trying to pry her sister’s hands off her neck. Suddenly a harsh and eerie wind blew towards Ana Mercy. She screamed, frightened by the wind grabbing hold of her and dragging her off.

“Ana Mercy!” cried the elder two, running after their sister.
It was as if the wind had done some dark magic that caused Ana Mercy to disappear suddenly, leaving only black dust in a small spot of the road.

“See what you did?!” yelled Amalia Ali. “Our baby sister was just taken away by nothing!”
Angela grabbed her sister, pinning her to the floor.

“This wasn’t all my fault! You’re the big sister! It’s your job to protect us,” Angela protested. She got off of her sister and felt a sudden stab of pain inside her.

“I’m guessing you’re Angela,” said the velvet yet eerie voice. The two sisters turned around to see a young teenage boy around 17 years of age. He had tan skin, silver hair and deep ocean blue eyes that seemed to be trench deep. Angela stared at him wonderingly as she realized he knew her name; he had to have been the one who had brought them to this strange place, the one to blame for Ana Mercy’s disappearance. Angela stepped in front of her sister and stood her ground.

“You. You are the one responsible for all of this,” stated Angela seriously, her eyes never leaving his.

“Maybe I am,” he responded. “Maybe I’m not.”
The boy stepped closer to them. Angela kept her ground. She didn’t find him much of a threat but more of a challenger. He had challenged her pride, which according to Angela’s mind, was the worst thing he could’ve done.

“Angela, don’t do anything foolish,” said Amalia Ali.
Angela, as usual, ignored her. Just as the boy got close enough to almost be only two feet away from them, he disappeared. Angela and Amalia Ali’s eyes widened with shock.

“Right behind you,” he whispered. “I’m Silver. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I wish I could say the same,” reproached Angela. “Now where is my little sister?”

“Don’t look at me,” responded Silver. “The Winds do whatever they want.”

“And so you expect us to stay here until they give her back?” questioned Amalia Ali.

“Don’t worry. The Winds will take good care of her,” he said simply.

“Well I’m sorry but I don’t trust a wind that leaves behind black dust,” stated Angela.
“Did you say black dust?” Silver’s eyes widened.
Angela nodded her head.
“Then this isn’t good. Your sister is going to die.”

To be continued…

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