The trouble with Magic

September 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Once these three men got stranded on a deserted island. All these men came from different places like one man was Chinese, the other was an American and the last one was a Mexican.

One day a bottle washed up on the beach. They ran to go see what it was, thinking it would be something useful they opened it. But then suddenly out came smoke and appeared a Guinea. “ Thank you for freeing me masters” The Guinea said. “And for unleashing me I will grant you each one wish” he finished. The men looked at each other, so the Chinese man went first. “I wish I was back in China with my family having a big feast” he said. Then suddenly “POP” the man was gone. The American man went second. “ I wish I was at Disney Land eating cotton candy” Then “POP” he was gone too. Last was the Mexican. “ And what do you wish for?” the Guinea asked. The Mexican looked around nervously. “ I don’t know I’m getting a bit lonely, I wish my friends were back”. Then “POP” the other two men came back. And the Guinea left, leaving two very upset men with a childish Mexican.

The author's comments:
This is a humor story i hope you like it.

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This article has 7 comments.

on Nov. 22 2009 at 1:18 am
hollyjolly BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment
I thought it meant it was a magical guinea pig...

aggy347 said...
on Sep. 22 2009 at 10:02 pm
aggy347, Susanville, California
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
This is such a funny story, but i think the person just spelled genie wrong..oh well these things happen

aggy347 said...
on Sep. 22 2009 at 9:40 pm
Sorry if i offended anyone, i didn't realize the way i was putting it. Sorry i didn't mean to make anyone feel bad

aggy347 said...
on Sep. 22 2009 at 9:37 pm
Thanks, its really cool

Sabryth GOLD said...
on Sep. 21 2009 at 10:25 am
Sabryth GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
18 articles 1 photo 25 comments
oh ha ha! this is funny.

Desanyx SILVER said...
on Sep. 20 2009 at 7:36 pm
Desanyx SILVER, Westfield, New Jersey
5 articles 0 photos 30 comments

Favorite Quote:
The imagination is man's power over nature. -Wallace Stevens

Please, spell Genie correctly as either Genie, Djinn, or Djinni. Guinea is a country, not a magical being. Also, this "joke" strikes me as rather racist.

Zero_K DIAMOND said...
on Sep. 20 2009 at 7:28 pm
Zero_K DIAMOND, Moosic, Pennsylvania
83 articles 0 photos 435 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life's no fun if you're not insane, otherwise you grow up to be an accountant." -Moi

This reminds me of a blond joke. . .interesting. . .I never saw Genie spelled that way.

-Blessed Be!



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