Soulmates [character sketch]

August 31, 2009
By MauveMaven GOLD, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
MauveMaven GOLD, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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“Sheri…Sheri” The whisper had Sherine turning in her sheets. It’s a dream, she told herself. “Sheri…” a chill blew through her. She didn’t want his company tonight, she bundled the sheets over her shivering body, hoping he would leave her dreams. “Sheri” the low voice called again. Sherine mumbled in her sleep, her head bobbing from side to side. She just wanted to wake up. She had to. Otherwise he’d find her. He would only have to roar and she’d never get away. She knew what he fed off of every night and she had no intention of giving one piece of her heart away. Then he called her name again so loudly it reached the heaven’s and rocked her heart.
“STOP!” She screamed covering her ears. Why did he beckon her so?

He laughed at her, in good humor “This is not a Nightmare Sheri” he stepped down from where he stood, “You have nothing to fear”.
“My name is Sherine”
“Oh,” the old lion laughed again “I know your name” Sherine looked away. “You’ll learn to trust me” His warm breath stroked across her cheek. His whiskers began to tickle her nose he’d gotten so close.
It became silent between them. Then the ever living question worked its way to her lips.
“Why do you always come every night?”
“Curious are you?” he chuckled but spoke in seriousness. “I believe now is a good time for you to know, but you won’t believe the answer” he looked toward the endless dawn, and laid a paw across her hand sinking her knees deeper into the wet sand. “Beyond your dreams you will experience extraordinary things. And as much as you wish to run, I won’t let you”
He then stood up upon all fours. Sherine unfastened her mouth “Yar-” she began but he cut her short with his roar. She plugged her ears again and yelled through the deafening sound, “Yaron” but her words could not be heard.

She felt unloved meaning she must be awake, and she still had questions…

The author's comments:
Sherine pronounced (Shur-Reen)
Sheri pronounced (Shu-Ree)

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