it is not me!!

August 23, 2009
By Gebisa Mucaj BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Gebisa Mucaj BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Sometimes people want to disappear. It is just what we feel that makes us do crazy things.

Don’t you ever feel like just running away losing your identity and feel “free”?? I know I did all what was possible to do so. Feel “free”!

It was autumn and leaves were falling everywhere. it was raining like crazy My mom used to tell me that when it rains, God is crying and I used to think that it was my fault. That’s why I entered that terrible mess.

I gathered lots of leaves and fruits in the house and made a pot full of good stuff. i put all of it in the middle of the room and started saying “It’s not me ..It’s not me!”

Ok maybe it was me …I broke mom’s favorite tea cup … I took some of my sisters lunch money and finally I told Ms. Mary that I did my math homework when I actually didn’t. that’s it ! I don’t think God would cry for that, but I felt so guilty that I continued my ritual for an hour.

Suddenly I heard something. I couldn’t distinguish if it was a bell or someone screaming “OPEN UP!”. It was weirdly my mom. She has this habit of yelling from the first floor. I m starting to wonder if she thinks I m actually deaf! Anyhow I open the door and there is my mom screaming like a mad woman going up and down the stairs!

“Mother! Calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Thief …Thief!”

I got scared and started screaming like her for about 30 seconds and then I said:
“Where is the thief? There is no thief!”

I will remember this moment my whole life because my mom took her umbrella out and started hitting me. I couldn’t stop laughing. You should have seen her waving her umbrella up and down. On the other side I thought that she had some weird memory disease. She couldn’t remember me!

I hear a man’s voice downstairs. Finally my dad was here. He would surely clear this out. I run through the stairs to hug him, but he avoided me and I broke my neighbor’s plant. I hope no one tells her. She can make me work the whole summer as a slave because of that stupid broken plant.

Lets go back to dad now never mind the plant! By the way my mom was still screaming. She has terrible vocals even for screaming! My dad calms her down telling her he hired me to water the plant. And I said “Say what?” They didn’t pay attention to me at all so I was stuck outside in the middle of the autumn with no food and no drinks. I thought those were my last moments until I met Clarisse. I am not crazy, but I swear to God I heard that dog speak. She said “I will tell you what happened. Don’t worry! It is not you!”
Who is it then? The old woman from the park or the stupid girl from my school? I can’t stand that girl. She is always bullying me and my friends. So what that she is tall? Who made height a bully rule? I guess George Bush must have been bullied a lot because he is not that tall.

After thinking this much I could still hear the dog, which I named Clarisse like that terrible bully, say something about me and a spell I made during the last two hours. At this moment I understood that the pot of “good stuff” that I had put in my room must have had some magic power. I also remembered what I said “It’s not me!” Does this mean that no one knows who I am?

i have to admit I am an evil mastermind. After knowing what had happened I thought, if no one knew who I was I could rob a bank or slap my vice principle. No one could ever punish me. I could break all my neighbor’s plants and she wouldn’t say a thing. I decided I was the luckiest person on earth so I started heading towards my school.

Firstly I had to slap my vice principle. I have to do this for all the times she didn’t stood up for me when I needed help and all the times she gave me detention because I wore different shoe colors. I think that’s kind of weird, but who cares it‘s me!

I enter the school with my pajamas and enter politely in her office. I salute her and she looks at me puzzled wondering what I was doing in my pajamas in her office. I get closer and closer and finally slap her. I felt amazing. Have you ever slapped an evil VP? It rocks.

“Emma? Emma? What are you doing?”

O my God she knows me!! I try to run away but she is trying to shake me out of it. She keeps yelling my name. Emma…Emma…Emma…

Then the weirdest thing happens. The VP is coming towards me with a bucket of water. I don’t know if she felt okay but I surely didn’t. I ran more and then …KABOOM!

I open my eyes and look at my mom eating the fruits in the pot calling me over and over.
It was just a dream! It is me and it will always be me! Well it was fun to slap the VP even if it only happened in my dream!

The author's comments:
i hope you like it and it is always fun to be you!!! dont forget that!

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Eni said...
on Aug. 26 2009 at 7:51 pm
i like this story. i would like to slap my VP too!!

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