June 24, 2009
By Kenneth Scott BRONZE, AURORA, Colorado
Kenneth Scott BRONZE, AURORA, Colorado
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“colonel what was the consequence of losing the GAMMA SWORD” “ well Sargent you will be whipped until you bleed from you eyes and then you will be put into the dungeon for your ever natural life”. Oh? “ well because Richard dropped into the Mediterranean sea and well we can't find it” “well you better find it and send Richard to me and tell Dashun that he is doing an excellent job give him a a brand new RIFLE1w22!”. “Sir yes Sir” gosh I hate those men who always mess up”. 2 DAYS later the lecture force came inside the council for a meeting they were the best army men in the world they were (Mike a.k.a ace boogie) (Devin a.k.a death) and (Dashun a.k.a demolition) and together they are the lecture force. “So wht is our mission lutenent” “you three will have to find the GAMMA SWORD and bring it back before the sharp squad gets it first and use it to be come super humans like the Incredible hulk and we can't let that happen DO YOU READ ME!””SIR YES SIR”. As the lecture force tried to retrieve the GAMMA SWORD and use it to become the good super human man they were capture because the sharp squad caught the GAMMA SWORD first then all of a sudden two huge men one orange and the other one yellow came out and tied up the lecture force in a huge ball of arm pit hair but they tied up mike wrong so his mouth was all in the hair as dashing began to get and idea and said “why don't we fight these loser come on I want to kick all of their @##! right here right now.

And that is a little review of the new game I am going to make when I grow up and be a success full man and so I want every body to play the game so that they can tell me how they like it or what they like about it and be happy with it. This game is mostly about how a awesome league team go on an adventure and get trapped trying to receive the most power fullest thing in the world the GAMMA SWORD that can cut thought any thing and if you were cut by it you would die a thousand death and that my
friend is a true story of how DEATH,DEMOLITION,ACE BOOGIE got their name. In the future the three heroes are going to save the whole entire universe one planet at a time .


The author's comments:
this peice is about a futre game not yet invented but soon will be.

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