Night Walk

August 7, 2009
By Frankie BRONZE, Aldershot, Other
Frankie BRONZE, Aldershot, Other
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As I woke I felt his familiar marble cold fingers tracing intricate patterns on my back. It sent a shiver trembling through my body, like a bolt of electricity. His sweet breath caressed my neck and danced on my cheek as he kissed the hollow under my ear and whisperd “I love you.”


“Hello Zoey, does this mean anything to you?” Lana paused and stared me straight in the eye. Her glare searching deep inside of me looking for an answer. She couldn’t find one.
“You know what Zo I don’t get you at all, and if I don’t who does? One minuet your all for the dance and all of a sudden, poof , you couldn’t be more against it. Its so…so…bizarre. What’s with the sudden change of mind?” Oh no. This had been the question I’d been avoiding all day. Act natural . Ha! How could I act natural I was becoming a freaking Vampire for gods sake. Lana continued to stare blankly at me. I let my eyes wonder around the crowed room pretending I wasn’t paying attention to what she’d said.
“Have you listened to a word I’ve said today Zoey?”
“Yes.” I answered defensively.
“What have I been talking about?” Oh no, by saying that it would put us right back at square one. The dance.
“Um…” What could I say? Lana you were asking me why I don’t want to go to the dance. Oh and by the way the reason I don’t want to is that it’s the day I get chucked on a train to vamp school. Hmm did you get that…VAMPIRE SCHOOL! Yeah right…
“Are you ok Zo? What‘s going on?” Lana’s expression was torn between concerned and clueless.
No. I am far from it. I am going to be in a school full of freaks in 4 days, after that we can never see each other again because I would probably kill you, I will be a monster!
“Umm…you…umm…What?” Lana stuttered. She looked like she was in shock. What was with her. Oh no had what I’d been thinking slipped out of my big mouth…crap. I dug my fingertips into the wood table making small indents in the soft material, superhuman strength was not something I was getting used to, I brushed away a small chunk of wood that had snapped off into my palm. I was still waiting for Lana to scream and cringe away from me, and then her stare set but not a sound or drop fear flowed from her body, she was following something around the room. I followed her locked gaze across the lunch hall and found exactly what she was staring at, Mark Everton. Relived I hadn’t said anything out of place, I leaned over the table forcing her to stare into my eyes.
“Hey Lana…” I whispered.
“Hmmmm…” she replied dreamily.
“Get a grip!” I shouted. As if like magic she snapped out of her trance.
“Shut up…” She huffed. “people are looking.”
“Do I look like I care? Lana come on.”
“Come on what Zo?” She snapped.
“Everyone knows you and Mark are perfect for each other. You know it, I know it, even the blinking teachers know it. Just ask him out, you’ve been staring at him like that for nearly a year. It‘s getting creepy for me, let alone him. Poor lad.” I knew Lana would be picturing it now, them together in her head, hand in hand. Lana and Mark. Lana the 5 foot beauty. With her smooth olive skin and full musky pink lips that were always slightly turned up at the corners. Her thick black hair hanging in neat chocolate ringlets and stopping at the point directly under her shoulder blades in a messy style. And her smoky fringe hugging her oval face, really highlighting her bright blue eyes, and her perfect figure, the most amazing hour-glass figure around; covered by a tight silk top showing her waist off beautifully, in a shade of blue that made her glow. Standing in the masculine arms of 6 foot tall Mark, the quarterback for blacksky’s football team. Mark also with a dark complex and his hair blacker than the darkest night, lying in a shaggy mess and outlining his chocolate brown eyes. Mark is an extremely good looking guy, I’ll give him that, but there’s something odd about him. But he and Lana together did make sense. I had to admit. My words sunk in and Lana sighed.
“I no.” She grimaced.
“Then get it over with you…”
“…I can’t!” she interrupted before I could finish.
I rolled my eyes. Honestly, I talk to boys everyday what’s the big problem? I’m not saying I get a lot of attention from boys in that way but I do get a generous share. Which is a big change for me since in pre-school I was the chubby kid with no friends who sat in the corner with a chocolate cookie and a blanket. But as I’ve got older I’ve grown into my body. I now have gone from a hideous bob my mum forced me have for 3 years, cheers mum, to golden hair that falls straight down to my hips, complete with a reasonably sized side fringe. My eyes are a deep blue and are hidden by a curtain of thick jet black eye lashes always coated with mascara, making them stand out against my pale white skin. My waist isn’t the perfect size but small enough to fit me into size 12 pants, but I can not say the same for my top half. My breasts are probably the size of my head, literally. I comfortably sit in cup D and they are a main aspect for boys, who can never look me in the eye. I only stand at 5 foot 6 but it makes me who I am so I’m quite ok with it.
“Zoey? What are you thinking about? Your concentrating extremely hard, for you.” Lana whispered.
“Oh shut up!”
“Are you not eating or something? Oh no not another stupid diet…”
“No not another diet. Here why don’t you eat it if your so concerned..” I threw some bread at her. Actually looking at my tray of food, an apple and a cheese sandwich I felt nothing I could happily throw all of it at Lana without taking a single bite. I felt no hunger just repulsed really. This frightened me. Was me becoming a vamp really happening? The thought of blood repulsed me even more but it seemed to become clearer that it may be my only option as all other paths were fading away, and fast. Throwing my bread at Lana really ticked her off as she mumbled and whined whilst picking crumbs out of her brown curls.
“Hay Z.” called a familiar voice approaching from behind me. I turned away from Lana’s grumbling and met the gaze of the voice. Aaron slowly came closer to our table his chestnut brown hair flowing as he wandered towards us. Aaron Mathews stands at 6 foot 4 and has the most gorgeous storm grey eyes, calm like the sea before a tempest, they have so much power and contrast against his beige skin tone it’s like they make you melt just by quickly glancing into them. His height compliments his masculine body and broad shoulders to the maximum making him god like. Oh did I mention… Aarons my boyfriend. Yeah I no, awesome right! As he reached the table he leaned down to kiss me gently on the cheek. His soft lips brushing against my growing pink skin. His sweet breath seemed to caress my tingling body as it lingered around me, sending my blood racing through my veins.
“Hay.” I whispered as Aaron took a seat next to Lana and directly opposite me. He stared into my eyes, making my heart beat hard against my caging ribs and making my breath come quicker. The moment seemed to go on forever until a deep voice interrupted.
“…Alright Aaron?” Mark was standing at the edge of the table bowing his head in Aarons direction. Then he turned to face me,
“Zoey.” he nodded once again a dark strand of hair falling over his right eye.

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