The Rise of the Changers

June 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Cries of pain flooded the realm of king Tanvir as the edict was carried out; every son or daughter born with the power of the changer was to be killed. The soldiers marched into the houses tearing babies from their mothers and killing them in front of them. The older children were taken and murdered. Anyone who was stupid or brave enough to try and stop the soldiers was also put to death. Blood filled the whole land the king stared out the window smiling menacingly. His face though smiling a crease of worry ran through his forehead, and he had every right to worry a wise woman from the mountains told him of a ledged. She told him it was to do with a changer and him the only king who had that power and although he had told no one not even his wife. She knew, and for this reason he listened and let her live because as soon as he had found out he had ordered all of the changers to be sentence to death.
He ran for the forest the red sky a pool of blood the bone bare trees stood tall their branches hung over like reaching hands. He stopped. No one was chasing him; he was safe, for now.
Also in the forest a young girl her two brothers and her best friends were also fleeing from the soldiers.
“Look” whispered the girl as she pointed to a small bruised figure lying under an oak tree. They stared as the young girl reached down and woke him.
“What?” he said not looking at all pleased to be woken,
“Get up if you are running for the same reason as we then you must hurry.” He slowly got up and nodded
“If we get past the lake then we might get away” he said and started walking.

The king paced around the room he knew some had escaped, he knew that there was still chance he could be over thrown.
“When the changer has come to the castle the King should feel fear the time of his death shall be closer and near. As only the one born with of changers first wife will stop all the evil, trouble and strife.” He muttered remembering the verse as long as a changer doesn’t come into the castle he thought I’ll be fine. He had given up hope of finding the escapees and deciding that there was no point worrying over some children they could wait, for now there were more important things to think about, however these calming words repeated in his head, the wise woman’s voice whispered the verse and a chill crept down his spine.

The small group of children ambled through the tall trees their sinister branches hanging ominously from the dark twisted trunks. They had nearly got to the lake when the girl turned to look at the boy his hair golden and tangled swaying in the breeze of the whispers of the trees and asked him,
“What’s your name?”
“Hunter”. He replied “just Hunter”

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