Twisted Heaven Part 5

July 28, 2009
First of all, you need to catch up with parts 1-4 of Twisted Heaven! Then I need to point out, I decided to change my writing to first person. I made those changes on parts 1-4, but am not going to post them on teenink. So here it is! The second chapter of....Twisted Heaven! ENJOY

I sat in Calculus, tapping my pencil, absentmindedly. “What is going on in my life? Up until now, I have lived the most boring life possible. I rarely go out, never had a boyfriend, and am a total workaholic. Then suddenly, two guys land in the detached bubble I call my life. They have crashed through the window of my perfect isolation. Their arrival has rained down emotions and passions in my perfectly desiccated desert of feeling. These two strangers washed up in a quiet wave on the shores of my tranquil island. Little did I know that the seemingly innocent lapping would escalade like tides before a hurricane. But what can I do? Shawn probably hates me now. Blaine appears to love me. Okay, maybe that is a slight overstatement. He has interest in the least. But do I? I hate him. His eyes…the way he looks at me…seemingly stalking my every move. . his constant presence in my thoughts. He is the epitome of danger. Maybe that is exactly why I am confused. The risk intrigues me. Is all this merely an act? Why did he stare down Shawn as if he had some unspoken grudge?” I took a sip of the open water bottle in my hand.
“Shawn…so perfect, all I ever wanted. But he is demanding and… and…I really don’t have a reasonable explanation for being upset, do I? So he rocked the boat a little. So what? He did have my best interests in mind, right? Right. I’m not going to give him the silent treatment or anything like that. We just met, for goodness sake! I want to just start over. So as soon as I see him, I’m going to tell him how I really feel. I’ll tell him that I am sorry for snapping at him like I did. I might even tell him more than that. I could tell him how I’m feeling…what I feel like when he is around. . .” my thoughts were rudely interrupted.
“Kaily?” Miss Salimund questioned as she slammed her hand down loudly on my desk. I looked up, startled, and glared into her bright blue eyes. She didn’t skip a beat when I eyed her fiercely, she just continued staring at me. Then, she lifted her palm from my desk and took a step back, pacing down the isle of students. She laughed to herself and suddenly whipped around to face me. Her face was ironically beautiful, her appearance very deceiving. She continued, “Do you have an answer or would you rather continue your daydreaming? And please, think before you answer this. I believe the wrong decision will drastically change you fate. Detention… Ah, the mere word just rolls off the tongue!” She blinked at me, batting her long eyelashes and smiling despite the harsh words coming from her lips.
“Could you repeat the question?” I asked. I really had no clue what she was asking. I had a feeling the class was discussing the correct answer to a math problem. But I had my own problem; I didn’t know what we were discussing or what I should be answering! My daydreaming had taken me far away from Calculus.
“Kaily, just give me an answer and cut the attitude,” she demanded curtly.
“I wasn’t listening,” I admitted. All the eyes in the classroom were on me. The once sleepy, careless faces now shone with interest.
“Hand over your phone. I told you that I do not tolerate texting in my class. And I made it clear to all of you,” she swept her outstretched hand over the classroom. “that disobedience will not be tolerated. There are no exceptions, Kaily.”
“Miss Salimund, I wasn’t texting. I was just,”
“Are you arguing with me now?”
“No ma’am, I was just saying that I..” I tried to explain my lack of attention, but she interrupted me again.
“That you were going to take me up on my earlier offer.” She smiled, clearly pleased by my puzzled expression. “You are asking for it,” she laughed.
“I have no clue what you are talking about,” I said blatantly.
“Detention of course! You are so rebellious Kaily. I think I need to call a conference with your mother,” she rambled on. In exasperation, I threw up my hands and completely forgot about the open bottle in my hand. I gasped as it drenched my lovely teacher from her carefully placed curls, to her shiny black heels. She glowered at me through the mascara running down her cheeks. “Kaily Jenkins, get out of my classroom right now!” she shouted and pointed at the door, her hand shaking with anger and dripping with water. The class burst into laughter, but I had to restrain myself.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to..”
“Out!” she exclaimed. To avoid another outburst, I gathered my things as quickly as possible. “He warned me about her,” Miss Salimund muttered under her breath. “Told me she needed detention at the first sign of bad behavior. I guess he got what he wanted without me taking the bribe,” she rambled on some incoherent words. I froze, books in hand. What did she just say? Someone bribed her to send me to detention? He. . so a guy approached her. Why? But she turned him down… yet he got what he wanted? I left the classroom, my face burning with embarrassment.

Silence greeted me in the hallway and I felt relieved. Not a single person was roaming the hallway this period. I sighed and walked to my locker to grab some homework I could do to pass the time. “7…42…….24….” I mumbled to myself as I turned the dial of the lock. I put a few things in and slammed the door shut, a little too loudly. The noise echoed down the corridors. I groaned and started walking down the hall.

A few minutes later, I peered through the window of the door marked, “hell”. Clearly, some student had scratched out the correct label. Normally, I would have found humor in this, but today was just not my day. I took a deep breath and opened the heavy door. At my school, detention is for the worst of kids: druggies, smokers, cutters, thieves…not the best crowd. Average students are never sent to detention, must less kids like me. The only regular to detention I know is Cameron. He just has a gift for getting in trouble, but he is a good guy. So my nerves were definitely on edge. I looked around the room and squinted through the haze of smoke. The tiny room was packed, twenty or so students were squeezed into a room that looked more like a large closet. The teacher at the front of the room was snoring loudly. Her hair was haphazardly arranged on top of her head, a towering mess of gray. Her small spectacles had slid down her plump nose. Her wrinkly face was pressed against the heavy desk, with mouth open wide. I walked up to the desk and read the nameplate. It said: Mrs. Weesby. Unsure of whether to wake her up, I turned around, searching for a familiar face. I hoped Cameron might be here because I was very much out of place.

I did find a familiar face, an all too familiar face. Blaine sat in the far corner of the room, leaning against the wall. He sat tapping his foot to a silent beat and staring out the window. Then he looked my way and smiled brightly. He motioned to the seat next to him. There was a small girl, tiny in frame, but one of the seniors. She was wearing (I hardly consider them clothes) possibly the shortest skirt I have seen in my life. She had a bright pink tank top on, pushing the rules with a spaghetti strap. Her clothes clearly showed off her assets. (if you know what I mean) She made up for being height-challenged in curves, that’s for sure. I wondered if this was Blaine’s girlfriend. Suddenly, I felt something fly past me and I whirled around. A piece of wadded paper lay on the floor a few feet off. I picked it up and read, “come sit with me J~Blaine” I looked up and glanced in his direction. He sat smiling at me, the seat next to him now empty. “Where did she go? She was there just a second ago, I saw her with my own two eyes. It’s not like girls just disappear into midair… right? She must have just gone to the bathroom. Man, she can move fast.” I thought to myself. I smiled back at Blaine and walked down the aisle, cautiously. All eyes were on me. One guy glared at me, almost hungrily. I shuddered. I was way out of my element. The dimly lit room seemed to fit the sinister atmosphere. The few girls in the room were either scantily dressed or clothed in black from head to toe, accessorizing only with crossbones. I wondered if it was some kind of cult, but then again, I could totally be over-exaggerating. “Hey,” I said as I sat down in the now-empty desk. “What are you in for?” I asked.
He laughed and replied, “Oh I just thought I would stop by.”
“Just stop by? It’s not the greatest place for conversation. What’s wrong with study hall? That’s what class you are missing.”
“Oh nothing is wrong with it. But you aren’t there. That fact alone was worth a visit to detention,”
“Oh,” I laughed. Then I got quiet. After a long pause I asked, “So you knew I would be here?” What was this guy? Psychic? I was beginning to think that he was indeed the stalker I had been imagining.
“I heard it in the hallway that Kaily Jenkins got detention. I thought you might need some company. I have a feeling you aren’t the type of girl who usually gets detention. Are you a new here?” he smiled. That didn’t make sense. The hallways were deserted when I got detention.
“As a matter of fact, I am new here, and not at all comfortable here. At least I know someone. . .” I sighed and took some books from my bag. Calculus..Physics..Speech…English Lit… “Yuck,” I muttered.
“Lots of homework,” he pointed out.
“Yea, AP classes always get more homework. It’s my choice though so I can’t really complain.”
“Maybe I should apply for advanced placement. We could work on our homework together when we have detention.” He joked and we both laughed.
“I don’t plan on visiting ever again. Today was just a big misunderstanding. I’m such a klutz.” I murmured to myself.
“No really, I think I could handle the tougher classes. Would you care if I joined you?” he looked at me expectantly. Yes! I wanted to scream. Though he was growing on me, I still didn’t want to see him every second of the school day. Who could blame me? Plus, that is exactly what a stalker would say. Okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme. But I really didn’t want him around all the time.
“Well, Blaine, I think we should spend some time apart. You know, we see each other plenty during the day. And we really just became friends. I don’t want to rush anything. And nothing against you, it’s totally me. I like you; you are a great guy. Not like like, but friendship like. You know what I mean?” I was breathless as I finished my explanation. I hoped he would understand and that I wasn’t just rambling on.
“Oh. Okay. Well, what if I just apply? I probably wont make it in. And if I do and you don’t change your mind, I will totally forget the idea. Deal?” he asked hopefully. I shuffled the options in my mind. That seems fair. Even if he does make it in, I can tell him I’m not comfortable with it and he will understand. But I would feel so bad keeping him from such a good opportunity. So when the time comes, will I just give in and then have to deal with it the rest of the year? I don’t know if I can handle that. But I should at least give him a chance. Right?
“Sure, Blaine. If you make it in, I will consider. Is that fair?”
“Sounds good. A chance is all I want.” He smiled that irresistible smile.
“Deal,” I said. The bell rang and at last, I was released from my temporary prison. “Bye Blaine, see you at lunch!” I shouted over the noise over the rowdy inmates of detention. I was unsure if he heard me or not, but I was already being rushed out the door by the uneasy crowd.

The rest of the morning went by uneventful, thankfully. I was relieved that I didn’t have to make a second trip to detention. Today was not my day and I was expecting the worst. My uneasiness was in vain, the morning was perfectly and wonderfully normal.
“Hey Steph!” I greeted my best friend cheerfully.
“Hey girl. Word around school is that you got detention. Are you turning into a rebel? Does Blaine have anything to do with this?” Steph saw my expression and quickly said, “Just kidding, girl! That stinks.”
“Yea, it wasn’t too bad actually. Blaine was in detention with me. It was almost fun. But Miss Salimund was beyond harsh. I did spill water all over her, but. .”
“You did what?!” Stephanie almost dropped her phone, clearly surprised. Then she burst out laughing. “Kaily, I would have paid to see Miss Perfect Teacher drenched! That is hilarious! Oh man, I think detention would have been worth seeing her mascara running. Whew!” Stephanie’s giggling was contagious. I started laughing with her.
“I guess it is pretty funny. It sure wasn’t funny this morning!” We were at lunch already. I suddenly felt so much better. In fact, I felt a little weird, giddy, and a almost too happy. I thought back to what I had eaten for breakfast. Wait. Blaine had made me breakfast. Maybe it was his special ingredient, whatever was in that little bottle. I wonder what was in that? Was it some sort of drug? Oh there I go again, over-thinking everything. I think I am way too suspicious of him. My imagination is obviously getting the best of me.

I walked over to our usual table with Stephanie, Cameron, and what a surprise. . . Blaine was back. I felt my pulse quicken at the sight of him yet my thoughts conflicted how my body was reacting. It felt like my mind was totally cut off from my emotions. It felt weird, I was totally repulsed that I had to endure lunch with Blaine’s creepy stare. On the other hand, my heart was freaking out in excitement. I didn’t want to see him. Why did my body seem to think differently? Maybe there was something in those pancakes after all? But love potion seemed so Harry Potter. Weird things were happening today.

I looked at the empty seat next to Stephanie and decided I wanted to sit there. I took one step in her direction then suddenly, changed course and plopped down next to Blaine with a thud. I was so confused. I didn’t mean to sit here. It was like I was under some sort of spell. Here I go again with Harry Potter. I felt like I had no control over my own body. “What is wrong with me?” I thought.
“Hey there,” Blaine greeted me.
“Um. . hi.” I was too shocked for conversation. Steph looked at me, and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.



I looked up at her and shook my head. She seemed to get it. I just couldn’t text right now with Blaine so close. And talking about it was obviously out of the question! “Hey guys,” I said. “I’m not feeling that great. Im going to get some Tylenol from the nurse and just go to Newsletter.” I rose to leave, but my legs just wouldn’t cooperate and forced me to sit back down.
“Did you forget something?” Cameron asked, puzzled.
“Uh. . . no. I just decided I will stay.” I said. I was stuck here. Some weird force kept me from going anywhere. I was freaked out. Majorly. I didn’t know what to do, other than just eat my lunch. So I took the sandwich out of my purse and nibbled it, thinking more about my new problem that food or conversation.
“Are you okay?” Blaine asked, his eyes had a hint of humor in them.
“Yea. I’m good. Just. . . tired.”
“Alright,” he looked like he was holding in laughter. What was so funny about this? He knew something. And I didn’t like being out of the loop. I looked at him, trying to be as cute as possible.
“What was in those pancakes this morning? I feel kind of funny. Maybe it was that special ingredient?” I prodded.
“Oh I doubt that,” he smiled.
“What was in it?” I tried again.
“Just some. . . sweetener. I got it back home in . . . Canada. Yea we use it all the time there. We grow the special sugar cane on our farms.” He cringed, for some reason.
“Canada?” I asked doubtfully. “You never mentioned Canada.”
“I didn’t? It must have slipped my mind.” He said the words almost threateningly, not wanting me to press the subject any further. I finished my sandwich and looked anxiously across the table. Steph and Cameron were whispering to each other, occasionally glancing my way. It was too quiet. Blaine had been silent since his doubtful explanation of the mysterious powder and I really had nothing more to say. I was content with mulling the strange occurrences over in my mind. Stephanie and Cameron rose from the table.
“We have to go,” Stephanie said. “I just forgot I left my windows open and it looks like it’s going to rain. See ya after school, Kaily.” She waved as she walked off. There were no windows in the cafeteria, so I wasn’t buying her story.
“Good. We are alone.” Blaine whispered.
“I really need to do some newsletter stuff,” I tried to get away, but my feet were still glued to the ground. This mysterious force was getting on my nerves.
“Wait just a second.” He said. “I was wanting to talk to you. I know you are feeling weird. So am I. Our friendship is turning into more than just friends. And I want to let you know that I am okay with that.” His dark eyes were warmer, more inviting. He gazed into my eyes, expecting some answer. Without warning, he leaned in. I felt his warm breath on my cheek. “What do you say, Kaily?” My brain said no! I felt like I was on one of the TV commercials and my next line would be, “Wanna get away?” But this was reality. Everything inside me wanted to run away, to scream and never see him again. I jerked back, but my body didn’t move. He leaned in closer, his lips inches from mine. I used all my willpower and moved my face a few inches to the left. He merely brushed my cheek, narrowly missing my mouth. Still, I could feel him press his face to mine.
“Blaine, please,” I muttered helplessly. He leaned back and sighed.
“You are stronger than I thought. I should have used more.” He muttered. I was so close to him that I plainly heard all of his quiet words.
“What?” I asked. I played dumb even though I knew exactly what he had just said.
“Oh, nothing. I have to go. Bye.” Fire burned in his eyes as he got up from the table. I smelled a hint of smoke and looked to see the bag in his hand smoking. He quickly wadded the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash. I saw him walking briskly out the door, without looking back at me.

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Dec. 30, 2009 at 11:01 am
Hey, pinkvolleyballgirl, just wanted to let you know that I posted a series of chapters that are now online. They chapters are called My Silver Lining. It's a romance series, and I would like you to read them and give me some feedback on it if you could. Thanks so much!!
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thanks so much bubbasamantha. You think there are too many comparisons or no?
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Aug. 5, 2009 at 3:29 am
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