To be un-named

June 7, 2009
By Tazy-chan BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
Tazy-chan BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
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Death is a natural part of life and is unavoidible to anyone. But if the life you lead lacks purpose you're dead already.

The house was quiet. The parents slept soundly, undisturbed by the faint footfall on the carpeted stairway as a 7 year old Jake walked- on his way to the kitchen for a midnight snack. He yawned, closing his eyes, and tripped on the stairs during his next step- hitting his head on the wooden railing. He slid down the rest of the way, landing on the tile of the kitchen floor hard. What he hadn’t known is that his twin sister, whom he called Taz, had been following him. She ran down the rest of the way and kneeled at his side, her short and spiky hair hanging in her face. “Jake, you ok?” she asked in her little kid voice.

“Well, not really.” he said quietly, yet his voice was very sarcastic as he sat up and put his hands to his head. He sighed and stood, watching as the walls tilted and the colors swirled. “Hitting your head and falling down a flight of stairs is just wonderful for you.” he muttered.

He leaned on the wall for support and waited for his now aching head to clear. Taz pouted and crossed her arms. ”That wasn’t very nice you know.” she said. Jake rolled his bright green eyes and moved some of his shaggy brown hair out of his face. The two turned back to the stairs, having heard their parents run out of the room. Alexander and Jennifer Skyle, known as mother and father to the young twins, charged down the stairs and ran over to Taz.

“You ok honey?” Father asked her, looking to see if she was hurt, and completely ignoring Jake.

“Yeah, I am- Jake isn’t though.” Taz said, looking at her brother sadly while her frown grew more prominent. Mother nodded, “Go back to bed sweetie, Jake will be fine.”

Taz sighed, but followed her mother’s orders, going back to bed, laying down, but not falling asleep.

Jake finished his walk to the kitchen. It had always been like that with him- Taz was the more cherished of the two, and he didn’t understand why. In his eyes, he was worth just as much as her- maybe even more. Was it because he didn’t do well in school, or because he tried to be kind to people like a good son should? No. It was because of what he was. Born halfway human unlike his perfect sister. He walked to the fridge to get the milk- this was back when they still came in glass bottles- and set it on the countertop. The parents came in and watched him silently- wondering why he was doing this. He was the only one in the family of four that needed human food. The rest could survive solely on blood. And he couldn’t. It made him want to scream- to get out of this mess. If he didn’t do something soon, he would break down. And to make it worse, father came over and laid his pale hand on his shoulder, causing Jake to twitch- he hadn’t been expecting that.

“Jake, what are you doing up at 12: 30 at night? You woke us all up by your waltzing around like an elephant.” he said, resisting the urge to smack his idiotic son.

“I- I’m sorry father. I was just thirsty. I didn’t mean to fall down the stairs.” he whimpered, feeling like his fathers eyes were drilling a hole in his head where he stared. He hated the feeling like he couldn’t do anything. Like they alone brought him into this world-kinda true- and his father alone could take him out of it.

“You didn’t mean to. You forgot. You couldn’t help it.” he said in a mocking tone, “That’s all I ever hear out of you, you worthless runt.” the father growled, smacking him across the face. Jake fell to the ground under the incredible force of his fathers hand. He had been beaten before, but never anything like this. This was horrible compared to that. In his pathetic attempt to stay upright he had reached for something to hold on to- anything to help him. And guess what he grabbed, the glass milk bottle. The bottle flew out of his hands and landed on the ground with enough force to shatter it- sending glass particles and milk flying in every direction. Jake looked up at his father with his big, green, innocent eyes. What had he ever done wrong?

The look on his fathers face could only be compared to that of an enraged lion that finally had it’s prey right where he wanted it. ‘Oh my god.’ Jake thought to himself, ‘He’s gonna finish me right here, isn‘t he?’ he added to that simple thought.

“Get up. Now. I expect utter respect from my only son. You know this.” Father said, glaring at Jake. The look given was to be expected from a true killer, not a ‘loving’ father with two kids in second grade. Jake struggled to his feet- his head was hurting worse every second. He looked away from his father for one second to think of a way to get out of there and he smacked him again. Jake fell to the ground again, the broken glass cutting up his face as easily as a steak knife would be able to cut butter. ‘Well,’ Jake thought as he lay there, ‘If he can hurt me… Why cant I hurt him? Mother left anyway…’

And mother had indeed left. She hated Jake as well, but still couldn’t bear to watch him get beaten- he was still her baby boy after all. Jake pulled himself up off the ground and walked to the cupboard. He pulled out a butcher knife. His father was at his side almost immediately, trying to rip it out of Jake’s small hands and cutting his own hands up on the blade at the same time. “Let go now, Jake.” he said quietly. Jake shook his head, causing his headache to grow even worse.

“No! I am tired of fighting you, and for what?! You to beat me more?” he asked in a half-shout, his eyes brimming with tears. “What did I ever do to you, father?!” Jake tore the blade out of his fathers grip with a sudden ferocity that scared even him. Jake snarled and sliced at father’s arm- causing it to start gushing the cold red blood that vampires have.

“You are no son of mine!” he yelled, kicking Jake in the stomach and causing the air to blow out of his lungs in one great exhalation. Eventually gaining his breath back, Jake stood up on shaky legs. His father looked at him as if he had expected this all along. ”I knew you would do this eventually, you know that Jake? It always happens with you stupid half-breeds. You all think you’re good hearted and innocent, but then you turn. You all go bad eventually. You just did it before I thought you would.” he growled, aiming a perfect kick at Jake. But it never struck him. He had somehow managed to get to the other side of the room before his father could land the kick that would’ve finished him off for good.

Vampires are hard to kill, but half-breeds are easy if you kick them right in the ribs and get one to puncture the heart. Then you just have to burn them and scatter the ashes. ‘But how had he done that? Gotten away so quickly?’ father wondered silently, ‘Another freakish dormant gene of theirs that was triggered by danger like this? Probably.’ But it wasn’t on his side, so it had to have been from their mother, he was the one that gave them the wolf gene.

Speaking of the wolf gene, he would have to stop Jake from shifting into his wolf form with the speed he had now. It would be so much more dangerous if he were to shift. But it was to late. Jake had shifted in a matter of seconds and was at his side and tearing at his throat with his lupine teeth, not to mention the half-breed’s oversized canines that he had inherited. The main windpipe had been torn open, and the elder vampire lay on the ground, gasping for the air he needed.

Yes, even vampires need a little oxygen to survive. Just less than humans. Jake was back in his human form already, and holding the knife that would be the last thing father would ever feel. Taz was just standing in the doorway, silently watching in horror and disbelief. Having come down to try and defend Jake from the belting she new would’ve come if she hadn’t, she looked at this scene totally surprised. She knew Jake was a little on the crazy side, but she didn’t know it was that serious. She never would’ve guessed him capable of this. Jake was grinning like an insane man, covered with his father’s blood as well as his own. Father looked up to him as if wondering why he would go to this extent.

“Don’t give me that look, father. You know you deserve this. All the beatings you gave me, the nights were I went dinnerless, the feeling that I didn’t belong and felt unwanted. Imagine that, and trying to deal with the fact that I’m a freak of nature. Olny Half immortal.” Jake said, rolling his father onto his back and stabbing him in the heart continuously.

Mother had come down to see why everything was suddenly so quiet, usually Jake would be crying his eyes out by now if he had been being beaten. But no, Jake was still holding the knife, and Taz was still standing there openmouthed like a moron. Mother ignored Taz this time, walking around the broken glass and staring at Jake, who was still stabbing his father, who had blood pouring out of him now. “J-Jake… W-What did you d-do to your f-father…?” she asked, just loud enough for him to hear.

“Nothing much, mother. I only stabbed him to death.” Jake grinned in accomplishment. “Now, for you mother…” he said, turning to look at her and standing slowly.

“Jake, d-don’t. P-put the knife d-down.” mother stammered, wishing she hadn’t been so cruel to him. He had dropped the knife and was going back into his wolf form, lunging at her and sinking his teeth into her neck. He loved this- total payback. He felt that he was ridding the world of two more evil beings. Jake shook his head from side to side as mother tried to push him off and pull away when that proved futile. In the end he wound up just shredding her neck so much that she bled to death.

Jake sat in the pool of blood that was growing ever larger. He was laughing and talking to himself about how good it would be to finally be normal. He stood before going back to his human form, walking to the countertop and grabbing a cup. He returned to where his parents lie, picking up the blade and slicing their wrists. They still bled, and he filled the cup to the brim with their blood. He looked at the wonderful red substance before taking a sip. It felt so good. And the taste was oddly familiar- much like his own. The only difference was that this was 10 times stronger.

Taz didn’t know what to do. Her parents were both dead, and her own brother had killed them. A small whimper of agony escaped her lips and Jake’s head turned to look at her. Had she seen him do this? ‘Oh well.’ Jake thought, ‘I’ll fix her up later.’ he drank more of the blood. Taz suddenly gasped, realization playing across her face as if she had been shocked. Jake chuckled and drank more, not caring what she thought.

He was turning himself into a ruthless murderer. He was turning himself over to the darkness. He didn’t care what was going to happen next- whether he died or turned into a full vampire like he wanted didn’t matter, just so long as he didn’t stay like this. He wouldn’t be able to stand it if he were to stay like this.

But Taz wasn’t going to stand for that one. She wouldn’t take it. “He can’t be doing this. He wouldn’t. He can’t. He didn’t just- Jake! No!” she yelped and ran over to him, knocking the glass out of his hands. It flew to he ground and shattered, the glass catching the light and shimmering a pale red from the blood that had clung to it. There was a faint growl forming in Jakes throat, and Taz started to panic- he had most of the blood downed by the time she had gotten it out of his hands. That would’ve been enough to change a full human into a member of the undead, and he was already half immortal. What would that combination do to him?

“Why the hell did you do that Taz…?” He growled. He didn’t know what he was doing. Was he going to attack his own twin? That’s what it looked like at this point.

“Jake. You’ve gone barking mad. You wouldn’t attack me, would you? The one and only person that stood up for you after all this time?” she asked, backing up a little. She didn’t like that look on his face- torn between rage and confusion. Like a wolf turned on a member of his own pack.

“Actually, Taz, I would.“ Jake lunged at her and she was out of the way just as quick as Jake had been with fathers attack- she had developed the new skill as well. But still not fast enough, Jake was even speedier now than ever. Jake’s strike was like lightening- in and out. Quick and smooth. She had suffered a blow to the shoulder, but was ignoring the severe pain that was limiting her movement now. Life had taught her many things so far, one of them being to deal with pain no matter how hard it may be. And her life was filled with it right now- physical and emotional.

She had Jake pinned to the floor in the next second and had shifted into her wolf form- the exact opposite of Jake’s. His fur was a midnight black and hers a snowy white, except where the blood had stained it now of course. She brought her paw slicing down, her puppyish nails still large enough to leave a deep gash over his right eye. Jake yowled in surprise as well as pain and went into his wolf form as well. The fight went on for about ten minutes- both of them getting cut up pretty badly before theofficers came for the two of them.

They were taken to an underground hospital- just for ’mythical’ creatures, werewolves vampires and such, and treated there.
Jake woke up at about noon the next day, finding a pale skinned, kind looking nurse hooking an IV up to him, a bag of bloodstrung upto it. "What the hell happened to me...?" he croaked, his voice very hoarse.
"You lost quite a bit of blood young man. I'm suprised you're not in a coma with how hard you hit your head and how you were bleeding when we found you." she said in a voice that fit her look exactly.
"Where's Taz!?" Jake shouted then and tried to get up, but fell back down right away.
"You have to lay down, and Taz is in the room right next to you, so just chill little dude." the nurse told him, stringing up another IV tube.

"That... Hurts!" Jake yelped and started clawing at it, but then the sleeping meds that were in the IVkicked in, and he passed out.

"That's right Jake... You deserve sleep..." the nurse said, taping down the needles.

This continued as a routine for awhile, Jake and Taz growing stronger each day. The twins were soon healthy enough to be put into an orphanage, and Jake found out that he wasn't going to be charged with murder- it was to be expected from a young vampire like him.

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on Nov. 7 2009 at 12:33 am
Tazy-chan BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
3 articles 1 photo 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Death is a natural part of life and is unavoidible to anyone. But if the life you lead lacks purpose you're dead already.

Really late reply... But thank you much!

on Sep. 3 2009 at 5:12 pm
SagaLiSela PLATINUM, Boonsboro, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you."

Simple as that.

Or not that simple.

This is seriously awesome. Good character development! =D


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