January 14, 2009
By Anonymous


Chapter 1 The car ride was quiet from Seattle all the way to Olympia, and from the looks of things
Vince and Shelly would not be talking for awhile. The highway was empty save for a few cars. The
silence was bone-chilling, when all the sudden Shelly said, "Why don't you love me anymore"?
Vince was so shocked by the question that he had to pull off to the side of the road. Then very
calmly he asked, "Where did you get that idea from"? "You haven't been your usual self."
"How do you mean?" "Well. you're not doing so swell at work, you're distracted at home,
and you just sit around the house now too." "It's just a phase I'm in, don't worry about
it." "I AM YOUR WIFE VINCENT! I tend to care about you. I know that may be considered a common
misconception, but it's not. So tell me what's going on." Vincent began driving again. "I
I can't." "And why can't you tell me?" "I could lose my job" "So you can't
tell anybody especially your wife?" "no.. I can't." "It's not like your
company is going to know you told me. Will they?" The car fell silent again. Shelly as curious as
ever said, "Well.?" Vince said nothing and stared blindly at the road ahead of them. As he
pulled into their drive way Shelly started questioning him randomly, "Global-warming is going to
kill us all, no it's going to be like Armageddon isn't it!?" They were inside now, and Vince
paused for a second and said, "And if it was, what would you do, how would you spend your last
hours alive?" Shelly deliberated, when she went to say something she stopped, and walked to the
bedroom. Vince was puzzled, and he didn't quite know what to think about what Shelly just did.
Instead of following her He went to his work room, it was his private room. He started his computer,
and began to look at some of his work files. As he was fiddling around on the computer He heard
Shelly trying to sneak down the long hallway. He quickly exited his work things and started a game
of solitaire just in case she wanted to break the rules, which she did frequently. Vince tired of
waiting for her to find him said, "Shell I'm in my work room, you can stop sneaking around."
"How do you always know when I'm coming to surprise you?" Shelly said flustered. "To be
honest Shell you're not the best at the 'element' of surprise." Vince said in his calming
voice. "Hey at least I try." She said in a firm tone. She paused just outside the door of his
work room and said in a questionable tone, "So what are you doing?" Vince knowing what Shelly
was attempting said, "Nothing, I'm only playing solitaire." Stomping her foot, and heading to
go sit next to Vince, Shelly said, "Oh come on just tell me please, pretty please." Vince
giving into Shelly's puppy-dog eyes said, "Alright I'll tell you, but you can't tell a
single soul. Not your parents, your siblings, and especially under no circumstances your best friend
Jenny." "Oh you drive a hard bargain, but I really want to know so I'll agree to it." Shelly
said whole heartedly. Vince seeing Shelly meant what she said decided to tell her everything. Vince
took a deep breath and logged back in to his work account. He then clicked on a file named
CLASSIFIED. The look on Shelly's face was emotionless, so Vince, hoping to cheer her up, said,
"Laptop: $1,236 dollars, Office desk: $320 dollars, the look on your face: Priceless." As he
said this the CLASSIFIED documentation opened. Upon seeing the screen Shelly was dumb-found, she
looked like a mindless being. She couldn't speak, every time she tried to say something no sound
was made or came out. "Are you alright Shell?" Vince said in a very concerned voice.
"Is. this.. true?" She asked terrified. "Yes", He said in the calmest voice he
could muster. "H..H How ..did.. this.. happen?" She asked still
terrified. "Do you want me to sugar coat it or do you want it blunt?" "Please no sugar coating
it that will only make things worse." "Ok." "We don't know. People have tried to come
up with an idea as to how this has happened, but the closest anyone has come is that to asteroids
collided in space and now their heading straight for earth. When they hit it will cover the earth
with ash, almost wipe out all of earth's population, block the sun for roughly eight years,
causing the rain to be highly acidic, and after the sun is blocked the plants will die depriving us
of our oxygen. So earth's population will be pretty much obliterated. People are working around
the clock as on how to stop this from happening. They've tried colonization on the moon but their
mission was a failure. We sent a shuttle like in Armageddon, but their mission was a disaster. I'm
trying to calm you down but I'm afraid I'm just making it worse, huh?" Vince said as calmly as
he could. "So everyone is going to die within eight years? Be honest." She said as relaxed as
she could make her voice sound. "We have estimated that everyone will die within four years." He
said with no emotion. "So what is the time estimated before it hits earth?" She said with her
voice cracking. Vince paused and said almost as terrified as she looked, "One week." Shelly put
her arms around Vince and said, "So what are we going to do in the meantime?" Vince said in his
calm voice, "I'm not going to work, I'm staying with you." Shelly turned and looked Vince
straight in the eyes and asked, "Are you afraid of what is going to happen?" Vince again in his
calm and soothing voice said, "I have every right to be terrified, and yet I don't seem to be. I
think it's because I know that I have to be there for you, and be brave for you too." Shelly
being amused said, "Why do you always have to worry about others don't you ever want to just
curl up in a ball and hide?" Vince said seriously, "Not really, because I want to be there for

Chapter 2

"Vince, Vince, VINCE wake up its eleven in the morning." Shelly said almost agitated. Vince
stretched and got up out of bed. Vince had a boxer's build he wasn't bulky, he was lean more
than anything. His tan complexion fit his build perfectly. His dark brown hair was messy, like most
people when they first wake up. Shelly seemed to be doing well after her late night discovery.
"Wow its cold in this house." Vince said freezing as he was walking to the kitchen. "It rained
a lot last night." "Oh that would explain why it's so cold." "Yeah, you slept right
through the storm." "I slept really well almost like a rock." "Does it feel good to have all
that secrecy gone?" "Yeah, but they were going to announce it to the world today." "Maybe
that's why everyone is rushing around?" "Maybe..." They both walked into their kitchen hand
in hand, Shelly went to the stove and started pulling out stuff to make a small breakfast. Vince
went to his work room, grabbed his laptop, and went to the bar in the kitchen. As he was turning on
his computer the phone rang. Shelly looked at the caller i.d. and gasped. Vince looked up at her as
she said: "It's Jenny!" "Oh shit." "What do I do Vince?" "You know she's going to
keep calling, so answer the phone." ". Ok." Shelly picked up the phone, and before she
could say anything Jenny was hysterical. "Jenny it's ok, it's ok." "Didn't you see what
was on the news??" "Yes I did, but Vince says not to worry." "He doesn't know anything!"
"Vince knows more than you think!" "Shelly let me see the phone." "Ok." As soon as Vince
had the phone, He threw it with all of his strength at the wall. The phone shattered as though it
was glass. And for a finishing touch He ripped the phone cord out of the wall. "Good thing we only
have one phone?" "Yeah, but why did you do that though?" "She wasn't going to leave you
alone, and she's probably on her way over right now." "We'll lock the doors and windows."
"You worry about the food, and I'll get all of that stuff." Vince went to lock everything. As
he made his way to the front door Jenny was there ringing the doorbell, and kept pressing the stupid
button. As a solution to the annoying doorbell problem, Vince went and grabbed his baseball bat.
Vince swung at the box that made the god awful noise. Jenny looking through one of the side windows
realized that she should probably leave. Vince feeling a sudden overwhelming feeling of contentment
leaned the bat against the wall, and returned to his computer. Shelly kind of shocked at what Vince
did forgot that she was cooking breakfast. Shelly returned to the stove and in a mater of minutes
had breakfast served. Vince took his plate gratefully and yet again returned to his computer.
"What are you doing on the computer Vince?" "I'm just looking at stuff from work." "I
thought you weren't going to work. . ." "I know. But last night they called and said they
needed me at least on my account to look at something new." "What new thing?" "New satellite
images. They want me to plot a trajectory path of the asteroids, to see where exactly the asteroids
will hit and where they'll cause the most dramatic damage." "But that's considered working,
isn't it?" "Yeah technically, but at least I'm home with you." "True, I guess I can't
complain. . ." "Okay. So what are you going to do today?" "I guess I'll read in the living
room." Shelly said defeated. "Ok I'll be right here if you need me." Vince said not
realizing her tone. "Yeah. . . " The hours ticked by too slowly. Vince was working on his work
while Shelly was reading. Vince was struggling to get the trajectory path right. Something was
wrong, he checked and rechecked everything at least forty times, yet he could get the path right. He
couldn't for the life of him figure out what he was missing. Vince got up top go to the phone, but
remembering what he did, he sat back down. He then remembered that he could e-mail his work, and ask
if they forgot to send him anything or if they had found something new. Vince started typing the
e-mail when Shelly called for him. "What do you need Shell?" "I need you to come here!"
There was an edge in her voice so Vince got up and went to her quickly. "What is it?"
"Something fell in the chimney." "Oh, I'll take a look." Vince knelt down by the fire
place to examine the object that had fallen into their fireplace. "It's a rock. . ."
"Huh?" Vince went to grab it, but when his hand got to close to the rock he could feel an
intense heat. "Oh shit!" Vince shouted as he ran to his computer. He was examining the photo
from space. He then realized that the picture was the same as the first picture they received. The
satellite was taken out before it could send anything else. The asteroids were moving at much
greater velocity then anyone had anticipated. Vince turned his head to look outside. What he saw was
pure silence. Then a loud crash went off breaking all the windows in the house. Vince was running to
Shelly but another explosion went off throw him, as if he was a ragdoll, into his work room. He
tried to get up but he couldn't find any energy to do so. He Shelly scream, then it went very
bright as if the sun was inside their house. All stopped as though all the sound in the world was

Chapter 3

1 Week Later

The house had a huge hole where the explosion went off, and where Vince went through the wall. Vince
was living there for a week since the incident had occurred. He hadn't even thought about going
into what used to be the living room, because of what he might find. He was scared, practically
terrified. He was hiding in his work room with a gun in his hands prepared for anyone to come to the
house. But he had to get out he was running out of food and needed more, but he had to go through
the living room to leave the house. He looked out his work room window and all he could see was a
blanket of ash. Almost no life to speak of, except something or someone was moving outside. It
didn't seem to either human or an animal, it was limping. This thing had to have seen what
happened.This thing perked his enthusiasm he had to find out what it was. As he went to open his
work room door he froze like a statue. Remembering what was in the living room. He had no choice he
had to go, he had to face his fears. He opened the door blindly and slowly opened his eyes. All he
saw was a solid looking coat of ash. He started to shake with fear. In a weak voice he called,
"Shell.. Shelly?" There was no reply. His worst fear was coming true he was alone and
without Shelly. He inhaled deeply and began to walk slowly into the living room. As he came into the
living room he began calling for Shelly again. But again there was no reply. He started to brush the
ash away, and as he was brushing he felt her body underneath the ash. He paused then started
furiously, almost hysterically brushing the ash off of her. When she was completely uncovered, he
was astounded at what he found. She was burned alive during the hailing of asteroid storm. He got up
slowly and staggered to his bedroom. He took a shower and changed his clothes. He packed his hiking
bag full of necessities, nothing else. He went to his gun cabinet and grabbed his 357 Magnum, his
shot gun, and all of the ammo he had for both guns. He walked outside to their shed, opened it and
grabbed his shovel. He took a few paces and started digging through the ashes to find the dirt then
he really started digging, instead of moving ash. He dug a six foot hole, and went back to the
living room, and picked up Shelly. As he was carrying Shelly through the remains of the house he
began singing Shelly's favorite song, Every Rose Has It's Thorn. He started to cry while he was
singing and laying her in her grave, but before he started burying her he gave her a farewell kiss.
He was still crying as he was burying her. When he was done all he could was kneel next to the grave
and cry, he was there for a good half hour crying. CRACK! Vince, in one fluid motion stood up and
had his Magnum at the ready. While standing there he remembered the reason he got out of his work
room in the first place, the thing that was outside. Vince put his gun looked down and said,
"Shelly I'll be back someday, but when I don't know. Save a place for me up there, and say hi
to my folks for me. Tell them they'll be with their son soon enough. I love you, good-bye." With
those final words he was of in the direction that the thing was going. He found the tracks that were
behind his house, and began to follow the tracks direction.

Chapter 4

Vince followed the tracks to the free way then the tracks disappeared on the outskirts of town. He
was at a loss and didn't know what to do. He started to walk around in the forest when he came
across a stump. He sat down to decide his next plan of action. While sitting there he heard
footsteps, it wasn't an animal it was definitely a human. Vince grabbed his stuff and hid behind a
tree waiting for the approach of the unknown person. The footsteps were getting louder, the person
appeared to be a women. He dropped his weapon and came out from behind the tree to greet her. As he
was walking closer to this girl he noticed that she had a rather beautiful figure, a nice pale
complexion, and nice blonde hair. She was stumbling around like she just woke up from a bad dream.
When he went to say something she turned and froze on the spot. He stuttered, "H Hi
there." She said, "Hi, do you know where we are?" "You're in Washington, or what's left
of it any way." "Oh, okay. Do you by chance know who I am too?" "No I don't know who you
are but I could help you find out, if you wanted me too?" "Okay, I would appreciate that."
"You're welcome, but where do we start?" "I don't know where to start either." "How
about I ask you some questions and we'll see if you can remember?" "Okay, ask your questions,
but is there somewhere we can go where it's warm?" "Umm I have a tent and we could build a
fire. That's the best can do, is that ok?" "Yeah that's fine. I'll help you if you
want." "That would be great." Vince took off his backpack and started to pull out his tent,
when a picture of Shelly fell out. The girl asked, "Who's that?" Vince simply replied, "My
wife." The girl asked, "Why isn't she here with you then?" Vince knelt down and said with a
scratch in his voice, "She died when the asteroids hit the earth." In a solemn tone the girl
said, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that." Vince just simply said, "Its ok." After they set up
camp they began to talk. The girl asked, "So why did you decide to leave your house?" "I saw
something outside that didn't look quite right so I went to investigate." "Oh, what did it
look like?" "It just didn't look human that's all." "Hmmm, I wonder what it could have
been." "I really want to know what it was." "So where are you headed now?" "I don't
know, but the world is not safe anymore." "Do you mind if I tag along?" "No of course not, I
think it would be better if you came with me." "Thank you. I'd like to talk more, but it's
getting late I think I'm going to go to bed." "Ok I'm going to stay out here and keep watch
tonight, good night." "Good night." As she went into the tent, Vince loaded his 357 magnum.
Vince sat there in complete silence waiting for some unlucky soul to wonder by.

To Be Continued

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