Sadly Scared

June 24, 2009
By Joelle Andazola BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Joelle Andazola BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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You are thinking why should you read this story it is probably going to be boring. I can't stand when people judge a story just by looking at the cover. Well that shouldn't matter. I am going to tell you a true story that happened to me.

I went to my grandma's house. I was going to spend time with her so that she wouldn't feel lonely. I felt bad that her husband died in that house; Yet she won't move out. I wanted to ask her to come to my house where she wouldn't be sad. I went and gave her a big hug. I was happy to see her. I love my grandma and grandpa. I went to bed because it was a long drive.

I heard a sound coming from the bed room across the hall. My grandma never opened that door because all her husbands memories were in that room. I got out of my bed. Looked through the key hole of the door.

I saw something moving when suddenly the door opened. I didn't dare to go into that room. I ran to my bed. I put the blanks over my head. I felt a breeze enter my room. I felt pressure on top of the blankets. I took off the blankets and found my self in my grandpas room. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. I tried to find a way out.

I looked and suddenly I saw a man. The man opened the window and took me to the backyard. He showed me a whole that he was using to get back and forth. I ran as fast as I could inside the house locked the door. I looked outside and turned around there he was.

I ran to my grandmas room. I woke her up and told her what happened. She sat up in the bed. She looked at me as if she wanted to leave the house. “Ever sense your grandfather died. I have seen a strange things happened. I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on my head.” I seen a big hole in the back yard where all the evil spirits have been coming trough. That isn't grandfather that is a demon. That demon is transformed to look like him. Lets go we can't stay here anymore.

We have to go. We ran down the stairs. I ran to the front door way and tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge and the only way we could get out was through the window. I told her it was the only way we could get out safe.

We looked back and there was a face in the window. We got scared my grandma forgot her medicine in her back pack. She didn't bring it in. She opened her car a started to drive to house. Not only did we see a scary figure. She left her beautiful memories there. I knew she was never going back to that house. She was never going to see him again.

To day my grandma is staying at my house. We live in a little town. Something was in our house because she could tell he is back to get her. He will never give up on her.

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