Twisted Turns

June 17, 2009
By laurennnnnxo84 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
laurennnnnxo84 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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In every school there's that one hated popular girl, yet everyone still wants to be her. Jade Gallade, a vision of fiery red hair burning with passion. Nobody knows her story though everyone tries to change her. She does not submit to the yoke of peer pressure.

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In every school there's that one hated unpopular girl, yet nobody will talk to her. She has no friends, but has the heart of a lion. She doesn't care what people think, caring for other important things in life. School is her main importance, next to her clarinet and family. An inner-beauty, Samantha Ralts is an emancipated soul, a mass view of dark chocolate hair and bright blue glistening eyes. Nobody knows her story though, and nobody tries to change her. She likes that and does not submit to the yoke of peer pressure.

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Both Jade and Samantha are emotionally-charged in God and relate to each other in ways never known possible.

As darkness takes a presence prayers are held. “God, please show me a way to get through life and help change people. I'm fine as I am, really, I believe so. You made me this way, shouldn't I have a purpose? Please Lord, help me find it. Amen.”

A pink light goes out as shadows flood in the room and she closes her eyes.

------------- * ----------------------

“I've always been that one person, the person that is untied from life as I know it. Help me gain the courage to speak out among my peers and bring about the understanding of being
your children. We are ALL special, but not quite everyone realizes that. Help me make a difference. Amen.”

A purple light goes out as shadows flood in the room and she closes her eyes.

------------- * ----------------------

Light shines through her window, the pink light is noticeable. She wakes up, oblivious to everything, eyes still closed. She's not a morning person. Pulling on her clothes she carelessly grabbed, the click of her belt, and tap of her shoes she is ready. A quick motion to put her hair up she sprints out the door. She'll be late to the bus, yet nothing really feels the same today.

------------- * ----------------------

Eyebrows furled in confusion she turns on the purple light. Her room, hers. She walks into the closet, hers too? What's with these clothes, where's Hollister, Abercrombie and why is everything changed with Target and Wal-Mart?! Where's Ashton Kutcher and the cameras for Punk'd? Ignoring the odd changes she slips on what she finds to be semi-cute. Clutching her hair she picks up a brush, but oddly it does not go through her hair. She goes to the bathroom washes her hair and styles it, never once looking in the mirror because that's simply not how she works. Makeup is gone, so she walks through her parents room, this is what it looks like for she has never been in there. All done with makeup she makes her way down for breakfast. Her family isn't there, so she quickly grabs a breakfast bar and goes. On the way towards the door she peeks a quick glance in the mirror. Shrieks fill the unoccupied house.

------------- * ----------------------

She gets to school, strange looks as she makes her way to her locker. As she twists her lock giggles are overheard, she never gets giggles. Cameron, Jade's boyfriend, comes up to her, a jock or prince charming, one of those two. His baby blue eyes stare at her strangely and he glares at the girl inching her way towards them, Samantha. He laughs wickedly, telling her to get lost. “I believe this is my locker,” a familiar voice fills the hallways. She turns around and her amused expression drops. Herself. She grabs her hair, fire truck red. Grabs “Samantha's” hand and rushes to the bathroom. There she is, she's Jade, with chocolate brown hair filling the other side of the mirror there's Samantha, herself.

------------- * ----------------------

Where have these prayers taken them?

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