Obscure Shadows

June 17, 2009
By laurennnnnxo84 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
laurennnnnxo84 GOLD, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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I've been watching her for a week now. God says do not what you can, but what is good. I still do not get this saying. It's imprinted upon my cloud, Cloud 8. You're probably thinking, “Cloud 9 is by you! Oh! How lucky!” That's what I was thinking when I was assigned this cloud, but after seeing all the sappy-in-love couples I basically wanted to puke. Never had I floated on Cloud 9, but one day I did.

There was a harp, and good ole' angel Marks was gone. When he wasn't there nobody was, there was no love in that Cloud. No wonder why people love this cloud, the texture, the colors, the view are all so beautiful. I'm laying in a bed of a thousand roses brought together, sparkling in the sunrise. I notice not of her presence, she comes fast. Humans aren't supposed to see us, but I believe she did. No angel is ever able to be seen, but was I? Why was she here?

I flew over the vastly-colored lands, up to the arching white doors. God's sitting there, going through prayers, pleads, and what-not. I look up in wonder and awe, my hazel eyes sparkling, God knows I'm here, he sends a thought to my head, “Do not what you can, but what is good.” With a quick and agile flick of my wings I escape towards the golden gates. New arrivals are coming quite quickly this time, some crying, some smiling, but all clinging to the doors. They see me, stopping and staring with crystal eyes. I've grown quite annoyed with this, it's seemingly endless, but I'm used to it and soon they will be too.

Telepathic, I am, sending a message towards God. He returns it and the gates slowly inch open. Newcomers file on in through the gates and I fly out. I'm tracking her down. In a dream of flowing white curtains I appear, a shadow in her room. Never once have I been out the gates guarding heaven, I've watched her from my cloud, watched her wait in Cloud 9 for me. She saw Marks, but Marks did not see her, he didn't appeal to her. What did I have that Marks didn't have.

She turns over, fluffs out her hair and with a gentle smile explains, “I've been waiting for you.”

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