The Scary Lion

June 2, 2009
By Miranda Snyder BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
Miranda Snyder BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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“ROAR!” Is all you could hear from a very untamed, crazy, wild haired, and big lion. You could tell this lion was hungry, I actually think he was starving! There was no one around, it seemed like the lion, Lisa, and I were the only ones left on the planet. Lisa is my very best friend, she has blond hair, she is very intelligent, and I don’t think she has ever gotten herself into trouble. As for me I have brown hair, glowing green eyes, and a very outrageous personality! Lisa and I were two very different people. Our personalities were so different. She preferred plain old vanilla, I took chocolate, she liked to be cold, and I couldn’t wait to go out in the sun. None of our differences got between us. We went everywhere with each other and put up with one another for hours upon hours. If I remember right the last place we were was the zoo. It was a fresh, crisp, and green morning. That morning then turned into a dry, waterless, hot place out in the middle of no where. Lisa has no clue where we are and neither do I! We are kind of scared about the whole thing. There is a lot of nothing and dirt around us, and there is wonderful bright blue skies above us. The sun is scorching hot, I think you could probably fry an egg on the road it’s so hot. Lisa hates the hot weather and is getting burnt as we speak. Lisa and I have no brilliant ideas so we just stand there watching the lions every move.

“WHOA!” Lisa remarked and looked as if her eyes were about to pop out of her head.

“What?” I tried to say as calmly as I could.

“Tess, look how big that human is!” Lisa was trying to be calm, but couldn’t keep herself calm and screamed a loud screech. I didn’t understand what she was talking about; I thought she would be screaming about the lion. Since I had no idea what she was talking about I began to look around for a huge person. Soon enough I laid eyes on that ‘thing’ that looked like a human.

“AH! Oh my goodness,” I tried to say out of my dry mouth. I thought about it and decided I have never seen anything like this at home, so my mind came to the conclusion that we weren’t at home anymore. Where and why were we here in this mysterious place?

“Where are we?” Lisa asked with worry in her voice.

“I’m not sure, all I remember was taking a picture at the zoo with some animal.” I told her as I tried to think about what we did to get here.

“Ummm…Tess I think we were taking a picture with a lion that looked just like that one. Dark brown torso, fat muscular legs, and those precocious eyes that looked so vicious, and mean. Yes, yes I think that is the same lion.” Lisa gets a little excited and starts pointing at the lion as if she is a little kid getting their first piece of candy.

Lisa’s eyes get real wide like a cat getting ready to catch a mouse. She starts to talk about this silly idea, “Tess, I think we are inside your camera!!” I give her this real crazy look like she is crazy. Then I think about it and as crazy as it sounds I think we are too. The lion is here that we were taking a picture with and there are people probably looking at my camera that is why they look like monsters to us.

“You know I think your right Lisa.” I tried to reassure her to make sure she didn't think she was going crazy.

“What are we suppose to do though?” I tilted my head and looked straight at the lion.

“Splitting up is not an option! Best friends stay together through anything and everything.” Lisa smiled at me as she told me that.

“Yes, I know that, but we have a vicious lion after us and we are inside a camera!” I told Lisa very sternly. We didn't realize that while we were talking the lion was sneaking up on us. Soon it got so close and ate Lisa. I knew that nothing in this world was more important than my best friend and our friendship so I stayed still and slowly let the lion eat me. Since the lion is king of the jungle and top of the food chain inside his belly is where we stayed. Everything was pitch black until this light flashed right into Lisa, and my eyes. We were back at the zoo everything was the same as it was before. What happened was the camera that was taking our picture was a time capsule and when it saw the lion it went right back to historical times, and since we were in the picture it took us right along. After our little incident Lisa and I have been really careful about taking pictures. Even though the trip was a good experience to find out that we would die for each other. Till this day we have no clue where the time capsule camera is at, its probably around the world in some ancient time.

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