The death of an army

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Report from the front

The following was found on a priest of Sigmar, praise his name!, it was found in northern Ostland, just outside Salkalten, in the Empire. It contains a report of the encounter between the Count of Ostland, Lord Rogers and a force of foul Chaos warriors.

Imperial Date 78 2503

Today we are stationed in Salkalten, about 2 days march from Kilsev, our loyal allies to the north, I can feel the taint of chaos growing as we traverse farther north. There have been reports of raiders up north and the captain I am with has plans that we part from our patrol to go look.
Imperial Date 79 2503

Today we camped, one days march short of the Kilsev border, so far we have seen no signs of chaos but I can detect it, I can feel the evil, and it slowly is surrounding us.
Imperial Date 80 2503

On this day we found the invaders, a small grouping of tainted Norse, however upon pursuit they fled back to a larger host, scouts said the army could be 200 warriors of chaos strong, tomorrow the Captain plans to confront and hopefully break the invaders.
Imperial Date 81 2503

The lines have been drawn!, I stand next to the captain and we have organized our forces, in the middle we have our great swords, about 20 strong, then on either side a score of swordsmen. The swords have their detachment halberdiers off on the side. On the far right flank we have our heavy knights which will thunder forth like the fist of the Emperor. Out on the left he has placed our out riders. The Vile Chaos has placed their foul warriors in the middle of their line, flanked on either side by maurader units, 15 maurader horses hold their right flank and on the opposite side they have their terrible and foul chaos knights.

The Captain sounded the horn for the general advance and we started pacing towards our enemy, we could hear their wicked war drums start to beat and, watched them start off at a pace towards us, it would be battle!, Sigmar help us! A loud staccato sounded from our left and as we looked our pistols had pushed back their horses, however their returned throwing axes had taken a couple of our men down. I turned to look at the other flank in time to see the terrible chaos knights budge, breaking into a full charge, lances lowered. The champion in the unit of knights signaled a counter and we watched as the two iron columns rushed each other.

A sudden beating of the drums turned my attention back to the horde of evil in front of us. The stench of death drifted from them, their haggard and wild looking men sent chills down my spine, what was more terrifying was their center. The fully plated warriors were towering, carrying their two massive weapons, more demon than man. They were not a 100 paces when the first of them broke into a run, pacing towards us, screaming unintelligible words. Our shields went up and the battle was engaged massed bodies on every side of me as we fought. Their superior fighting skill was evidenced as the iron warriors easily cleaved their way through the ranks. It seemed like an eternity and yet couldn’t have been one, but I dimly heard a ringing that sounded like the retreat. The men around me started to turn, some only to be cut down, as we fled in a panic.

When I got some distance I turned to look back at the still ensuing carnage, our knights were still locked in combat and slowly being picked off, the men that were with me had either scattered hopelessly or were dead. Today was a day that will live in infamy one of its weakest battles. Some of the wandering marauders getting close encourage me to run on.

Its almost night I’ve made it to a nearby mountainside the aftermath is terrible we paid a terrible price today, and as I look back down on to our field only numerous corpses remain, the army had been completely dispersed, I plan to wait for cover until night then were going to try for Salkalten. Hold fast, I hear a sound approaching…

This is what was recovered from the scene, the body was found beheaded and lying on a hillside, the chaos incursion was later repelled by Elector Count Stottlemeir on Imperial Date 87 of 2503

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