The Story of our Supernatural Beginings!

June 10, 2009
By kayla kavanagh BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
kayla kavanagh BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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There were once six friends who were bonded together by friendship and by the supernatural. There names were Nicolette, Jake, Alyak, Alex, Taylor, and Phil. They where all of the supernatural world but didn’t know what the others where. Jake is a goblin, Nicolette is a werewolf, Alex is a vampire, Alyak can stretch out her limbs, Taylor can shape shift, and Phil can become invisible.

Chapter One: Alyak
I’m Alyak and I am fourteen and I can stretch out my limbs up to 100 yards away.
I found this out when I was twelve years old. It was a Saturday and I was having a few friends over to watch a movie at my house. I was in my room waiting for them to come when out of nowhere I heard a loud BANG! Come out from under me.
The lights in my ihome went off.
Then everything started to shake and I stood up from my bed. Meanwhile there where loud bangs, crashes and glass shattering sounds that kept happening. Then everything started to fall down from my shelves and bookcases and my drawers started to fall out and the clothes start to fall out from them.
I ran out into the hallway but then immediately after that I turned around and started watching. Things were flying off the walls, falling out of drawers my room was slanted to the left my nightstand had toppled over, and I screamed. Then a bit of the wall crumbled down, a bit of the corner of the floor started to crumble and fall down.
Things then started to fall into the holes in the wall and floor and those holes got bigger. I screamed again. My room my beautiful room was crumbling in front of me! No!
Then the holes kept getting bigger and then my bed fell down. I screamed for a third time and ran downstairs and out of my house.
Alex was outside watching from the sidewalk. I looked into the garage where the first bang was. I saw that there was a car in there. I guessed that a drunken guy had driven into the garage. I looked back at Alex and saw that my ihome had fallen out from my room and was about to hit his head. Oh no! I thought.
Without thinking I stretched my arms out to catch it knowing that I wouldn’t be able to. Then my arms stretched out and the next thing I knew the ihome was in my hands. At that moment I knew that I could stretch my limbs out. Then I pulled my hands back. Alex looked at me then and at that moment all of the sounds slowed to a stop. I then said to call everyone and tell them not to come.

Chapter Two: Phil
I am Phil I am fourteen I can become invisible.
I first found this out when I was at my friend John’s eleventh birthday party, he had some girls over, we where all arm wrestling each other and I was the champ. I had everyone in the room beat.
Than this girl challenged me and I said “psht it’s not like you can win.” And then we arm wrestled. She won and everyone started laughing at me. I wished that I could be invisible. John said “hey where did Phil go?”. I said “I’m right here” than he said “who said that?”. Than the girl said “he’s probably in the bathroom crying” and everyone started laughing again.
So I walked in to the kitchen and looked down. I couldn’t see myself but I could definitely feel myself. So why am I invisible? Oh my god! I’m invisible! I wished that I could become invisible and I did.

Chapter Three: Taylor

My name is Taylor, I am fourteen years old and I can shape shift. I found this out when I was twelve. I had a dream that I was in a forest searching for a red cabin with a green door and orange windows.
I was searching and searching. I wanted to be a cheetah so I could search faster. I became a cheetah. Whoa. It was very exhilarating the speed .I searched and searched and wanted to become an eagle to search through the skies because the cheetah took up too much energy and I was running out of time. I became an eagle so I set out to the skies. I searched and searched and at last I found it. The cabin was red, had a green door, and orange windows. I went inside. I had figured out during the flight that If I wanted to be something I could just wish it then I would be it.
I landed turned back into a human, and went inside. It was breathtaking there was a rainbow rug, and a wooden table painted pink with purple chairs all around it. I heard a crackling noise coming from behind me. It sounded like someone was coming. I quickly looked around and saw a window pointing out to the back. I ran towards it, jumped out and turned into a bear.

I woke up.

I looked down and . . . . . . . . AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am a bear AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I then thought of my dream and wished I was human again then I changed into a human again.

Chapter Four: Nicolet
Hello I’m Nicolet, I am fourteen years old, and I am a werewolf. I found this out when I was twelve years old. I was out hiking in the forest by myself.
Then I saw a bear.
The bear saw me.
I ran witch I later regretted. The bear followed. I kept running but the bear was catching up to me. I then tripped on a tree stump.
The bear caught up to me. I screamed as loud as I could even though I knew no one could hear me. I kept screaming. The bear started to circle around me. He kept circling. Then I tried to get up but as soon as I stood up the bear charged at me knocking me to the forest floor.
There I lay on the forest floor. Then the bear started scratching at me. I started to bleed from several different places, I could feel it, but I could also feel something else inside of me that I had never felt before. It felt like a tearing from inside.
The bear kept scratching and I instinctively tried to fight back. That angered the bear very much. He started to scratch harder and tried to bite me too.
The tearing felt stronger and stronger quickly until it was all I could feel. At that moment my whole body started to shake. Next my whole body changed and the next thing I knew I was a werewolf. I was, huge bigger than the bear. I had chocolate brown fur and a huge muzzle for my mouth.
Then I looked at the bear and it looked back, horrified. The bear ran, I ran after it and caught up quickly. I ran it into the ground. After that I teared its’ side right off. The bear yelped, its’ sound soon died out its life with it. I started eating, it tasted really good. Than I started running around and thought of being human again then I was.

Chapter Five: Jake
I’m Jake, I am fourteen years old and I am a goblin. I became one when I was twelve I was in the forest looking for my friend. I was running then I found a woman she looked real weird. She was wearing a long black cloak, and had a stick in her hand.
She beckoned me over with a wave of her hand. I went to her out of curiosity for the strange woman. She smiled.
I went to her and when I got there she said “you look hungry, come with me and we’ll fix that” I suddenly felt very hungry, by now I had completely forgot about the friend that I was looking for. So I said “yes”.
We went to her house. It was a little cottage made of wood and looked very old fashioned. She closed the door behind us and we walked to a little round wooden table with three chairs around it. I sat down in one of the chairs and she went into another room and within seconds she came back out with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
She sat down across from me and gave me the food. Than she explained to me that she was a witch. I didn’t believe her so when she was done I asked her to prove it. She than waved the stick that I now knew was a wand. Now there was a piece of cardboard on the table standing up with the words “you are now a goblin”.
I finished the last meat ball and said “okay so you are a witch but that doesn’t mean that I am a goblin.” “You just finished the food, did you not?” she said. The food was good. “y- e-s” I stuttered. “Than you are a goblin now.” she said.
Than I started to feel it, the pain, it was a stiffness everywhere I could not move though I was trying very hard to, as hard as I possibly could. Than it came a freeze colder than humanly possible all around me in all my organs, all my bones, all my muscles, in every cell of my body. I was frozen. There was a mirror across from me and I did not look like ice but I felt like it.
Cold, freezing cold.
Colder than anything I’ve ever felt before. I couldn’t even think or feel anything that wasn’t the freeze.
Hours passed till finally it abruptly stopped. Than slowly the stiffness left. I looked in the mirror than and I still looked human, but different not the same person I was before. Now my nose was smaller than before, and my mouth was slightly larger, my eyes were a different color they used to be brown but now they were a sickley green color, and the shape of my eyes were more like circles with a slight hint of oval, and my eyebrows were gonei was also much shorter than I used to be
I felt the need to eat. Not normal human food but animals like bears and wolves. The witch that had cursed me with this was gone. I was mad at her for forcing this on me so I destroyed her house.

Chapter Six: Alex
Hi I’m Alex and I’m fourteen years old. I am a vampire and this is the story of how I became a vampire. I was fourteen years old in Salt Lake City 1998. It was a gloomy day after the storm. I was taking my normal everyday walk in the park when I heard a scream, a loud blood curling scream. It sounded like a little girl so I ran towards the sound. She screamed again. I ran towards the sound but it was not in the park she screamed another blood curing scream. It sounded like she was by the butcher shop. I ran towards the butcher shop and stopped by the alleyway.
I stopped because I saw a woman the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth. She had long blonde hair, and was like five foot three. She was bent over something. I approached her and saw what she was bent over. The dead body of a little girl it looked like it was five years old. Then I looked at the womans face she had blood on her face around her mouth. She had sucked the blood out of the girl and now she was staring at me with lust in her eyes.
I understood it all now she was a vampire and now she was doing to eat me.
I ran.
She caught up to me within seconds and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and she was coming towards me.
She bit me.
The pain was excruciating. I screamed as loud as I could and then she was gone but the pain kept getting more painfull by the seconds. I heard someone say look at him he could be great for us as a new addition to our coven. I screamed, why wouldn’t they stop the pain if they want to keep me?! Aaaahhhhhh it hurt so bad it was like I was on fire. Why won’t it stop! Aahhhhh I’m on fire! It was all over me I my fingers, in my feet, and everywhere else! Help! Please! Stop it stop the pain it burns, stop it, kill me PLEASE! NOW! Ahhh, the fire it burns worse. How is that possible?
Later, after what had to be eons of time the pain started to slip off of my fingertips and toes .By the time it was at my wrists and ankles it was all I could think about; even though it felt like my head had gotten larger filled with more room to think in. Something happened where my heart and throat should be, the burning got worse and worse. It felt like the pain that was receding from my hands and feet was going into my heart and throat, tripling the pain in them. It kept getting worse and then when all the pain was gone from my body except for my throat and heart. I could hear my heart beat its final beats and with one last empty thud my heart gave way and the burning was gone except for my throat.
I opened my eyes to see two people standing over me. One was the girl that I had seen in the alley but when I tried to think about it, the thought was all blurry. Then again it felt as if all my senses had become much more powerful. I stood up and it felt as if there was no time within the time where I was on the table and on the floor. The people then told me that I was a vampire, and explained everything to me about being a vampire. They told me everything. Everything about being a vampire, and how the burn in my throat was the burn of my thirst for blood. I could barely concentrate over the thoughts that filled my head witch all seemed to relate back to my thirst, it was all I could feel or think about even though my brain still processed what they said.

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on Jun. 30 2009 at 10:21 am
kayla kavanagh BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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i love it

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