The End

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

One day prince Jack was walking in the forest was he saw a beautiful young Princess Elizabeth. He walked over there and asked her to come to his castle. She said, “Yes young prince I shall.”

So when they were at the castle, Prince Jack asked, “Would you like some tea?”

Princess Elizabeth said “Yes please.”

So Price Jack went to fix up some tea, the kitchen was on the other side of the castle. When he came back the princess was gone. Jack yelled “ELIZIBETH!”

Then he saw it the print of the evil dragon Stinn Boulder! Then he noticed the roof was torn off. A boulder fell down and landed on his legs! Jack screamed with agony. Someone must have heard him because he heard a clatter of horses coming to help him. The mysterious person yelled “You OK!?”
Jack answered “Yes!”

Then came in the mysterious person is turned out that he was a town peasant on an old boned horse. Jack said “Evil dragon Stinn has taken my love, Princess Elizabeth. He tore the roof off to get in then when I walked in a boulder fell on my legs, they are broken.”

Then mysterious person said “My name is, Zac. I heard a yelling so I came.”

“Please, get this boulder off my legs!!”

So Zac did as he was told. He said “you are going to have to heal these up.”

Jack said “I know.”

A few months later Jack was as good as new. He said “I going after Elizabeth.”

Zac said “I coming with you.”

“It will be a hard journey.” Jack said.

“I will be able to keep up,” Zac answered.

The traveled for 3 long days, then they finally reached the cave.

Zac said “It’s dark.”
Jack said “I know lets go.”
When they ran in they saw Elizabeth, Jack ran to her and said “Are you ok?”

“Yes,” she answered, “it’s a trap watch out!”

There Stinn Boulder was. Jack fought him and beat him down, right when he was about to kill Stinn he looked into his eyes and saw guilt, Jack let him free and Stinn became his pet. When they got back to the castle they slept. The next morning Jack went into Elizabeth’s room and she was not there. There was a note,
If you want the girl back and your pet come to me!
King Marcus.

Jack was furious he got on his horse and rode to the evil kings later. When he got her he ran in. He saw her laying there dead. Jack yelled “NNNNNNOOOOOO!”
He ran into King Marcus. King Marcus said, “Foolish boy, you will be next.”

Jack told him, “I will avenge her.”

And then they fought. Then Jack stabbed him in the heart and let him fall.

The End

The author's comments:
This is an awsome story about love!

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