Red Snow

May 27, 2009
By mle_eason SILVER, Carbondale, Colorado
mle_eason SILVER, Carbondale, Colorado
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It’s the middle of June. I slowly lift my head towards the snowy sky. It’s not the normal snow you would expect to be falling, it’s red snow that is showering from the sky. The ground is covered in it, my clothes and hair are completely enveloped in the cold, red, snow. It has terrified everyone, and not just because the snow that has been white since the beginning of time is red, what really scares them is that when it melts it looks eerily like blood. But still, after three weeks nobody knows what it means, they are all just trying too hard to understand it.

I know what it means though, it is concentrated sadness, pain, agony, and horror, it is a sign, the end of the world is coming. Of course, when I try to tell anybody, they look fearful, like I’m some sort of rabid dog. Sighing, I hold back tears.

I see the silhouette of a person across the street, it distracts me from my train of thought. The foggy outline is coming closer. I shut my eyes and when I open them, I see myself standing in front of me, bloody and bruised. I scream out and double over. In a flash it’s gone and I see the neighbors daughter, Julie, or maybe her name is Jenny, something like that, looking very alarmed. She quickly shakes it off and looks at me, hesitates, and then says “You know what it means don’t you? Since the first day it came you have.” I blink, momentarily shocked and nod slowly. The corner of her mouth curled up a fraction of an inch. “ I know what it means too.” I can hear a news report drift by from a nearby house, the reporter is talking about how scientists think it was caused by a chemical reaction in the ozone layer or something. How wrong those scientists are.

I decided to talk with the girl, whose name turned out to be Jasmine, and we lay there in the red snow, trying to forget our worries. We talked about where we were from, how we ended up in the one- horse town of Rendville, Ohio, and that’s when it happened, I saw faces of people screaming and pushing through a street full of abandoned cars. There was a flash of blinding white light, and I woke up in the hospital. I was sweaty and my hair was sticking to my face. I hyperventilated for a few seconds and then called for a nurse, nobody came. I sat up in the itchy hospital gown and slid off the bed. I looked out the doorway, the hospital was deserted. Nobody anywhere. Even after checking the rooms next to mine, there was no sign of life.

Panicking, I ran back to the window, violently yanked at the drawstring, and looked at the view below me. I saw burnt down buildings, massive cracks in the road, and then darkness. I had a sick feeling in my gut, what I just saw was going to happen. I jolted back to reality and saw hundreds of cars with their occupants franticly trying to get out. That’s when the screaming started. White light filled my head and then everything went black. I woke up, still in my hospital gown but it looked like millions of years later. It looked exactly like my vision. I had gashes on my face and arms and I couldn’t move my left leg. I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow, but all I could hear was… absolutely nothing. The human race had vanished, and somehow I was still alive, and all alone.

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