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May 27, 2009
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One snowy day there was a grumpy old man who hated the snow and all who played in it. But one stormy night while the grumpy old man was sleeping he was awakened with a nock on the door, it was a little 7 year old boy who was lost the little boy asked the man if he could stay one night or at least use his phone the old man looked at the little boy and said “go away this is my home and I don’t have a place for a little boy like you” the little boy turned away and said “you’re a mean old man I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone liked you”.
The old man closed the door slowly and while he was walking to his room he was thinking of what the little boy had said he sat on the foot of his bed and said to himself maybe I should be a little nicer it won’t hurt anyone so the old man got up put on his jacket and head out searching for the little boy. The old man found the little boy rolled up in a ball covered with snow he went to his knees and carried the little boy back to his home. When the got to the old mans home he put the little boy in his bed and tucked him in the old man then went to the living room and slept there.
The next night the little boy was confused he woke up in a nice bed and with his breakfast on the edge of the bed. The old man was downstairs waiting for the little boy to come down when he finally did the boy thanked him and said he should probably get going and try to find his parents the old man got the phone and told him to call them when the little boy’s parents answered they told the little boy were and who he was with the little boy told the that he was fine to not worry the little boy’s parents asked to talk to the old man and when the old man got the phone the parents said “thank you for looking out for my son”
When the little boys parents got to the old mans house they hugged each other like they’ve never seen each other when they were finally leaving the little boy gave the old man a hug and said “thank you for going to look for me if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here right now” the old man got a tear in his eye’s and said “come back any time”.

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