Billy Goat Gruff continued

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

There once were there billy goats. The three goats were the cousins of the famous goats who beat up the troll. The three goats were vey small. Eric was the oldest and wasn’t afraid of anything. Oscar was the 2nd oldest and was afraid of spiders. Last of all was Pepe who was afraid of everything, even his own shadow.

One day the farmer told the three goats that they were going to the meadow where their cousins were famous for and now lived at.

“Wow we finally get to go to the meadow!” said Pepe,

“Who cares it’s the same as any other, its only different because our cousins live there,” said Eric

“Yeah don’t get your hopes up,” said Oscar. After their conversation something moved in the grass,

“What was that?” asked Pepe,

“Maybe just a dog,” replied Oscar.

While the three goats were sleeping in the barn, Pepe woke up for no apparent reason. As he was sitting there awake he heard something opening the barn door. He thought “Oh no, I need to hide.” He looked around and the only good place he found to hide was in a pile of hay. As he sat there hidden in a pile of hay he saw a figure enter the barn. “What is that?” As he completed his thought the figure left the barn. “Well that was stupid,” after that he went straight to sleep.

The next day Pepe woke up worried about his brothers. He ran and found them playing in a field,

“Are you guys ok?” said Pepe. They began to stair at him as if he was slow.

“Yeah why wouldn’t we be?” said Oscar,

“Last night someone or something was in the barn,” said Pepe,

“It might have just been the farmer,” said Eric.

“Oh well just forget it,” said Pepe. They entered the barn to get ready to go to the field. As they turned to leave, they saw a figure in the doorway. They were all shocked. It was the evilest, smelliest thing they had ever seen. It was the troll.

“Wait I thought you were dead?” said Oscar,

“Oh, but I was not I was just dazed” said the troll,

“Well why do you want us we are just the cousins of the goats you remember,” said Eric

“Oh really?” replied the troll in a surprised way

“Yeah,” said Pepe

“Then you will pay for what they have done!” yelled the troll.

The troll charged at the goats. Pepe saw reacted fats and threw a near by rake at the troll. It stepped on the rake part and the handle flew up. After that the troll fell back with a “thump”. The goats inched closer to the troll

“Is it dead?” asked Oscar, with that the troll leaned forward and let out a “roar!” Pepe hit the troll in his face and knocked him out.

“Wow I can’t believe you did that.” Said Oscar,

“Me too, I got an idea how to get him out of here,” said Pepe.

The three goats Pepe, Eric and Oscar all walked to the famous bridge where the troll hid under, and threw him back under.

“Isn’t that ironic?” said Pepe. After that the goats walked to their cousins house and told them what had happened.

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