The Secret Door

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Shhhh!! I know of a secret, but you just can’t tell! I have a door that can lead to dreams, but can also cause misery. When I am sad, it cheers me up, but even in this wonderful place there are dark forces at work… Come and I will tell you of the Secret Door…

Quiet as a mouse you must be, or else someone will find out about this secret place. Up in the attic, behind all of the junk my father seems to love is where I escape. Finally, I’m here. In this world, I’m not bullied, and I’m not a loser, but I am a strong warrior who people depend on.

I arrive in the castle unexpectedly, and I find King Jake sitting on his throne babbling about the stupidest stuff. “Why is my food not here, Where is my Jester!” He sees me arrive and feels embarrassed. He tells me about how Phantom Decimus has plotted to take over the world. Same old crap I hear all the time. I want a real challenge, not some lame old man with a huge ego, thinking he can take over the world! Where is the suspense, the action, the violence! I was just getting ready to head off when this time, Jake says,” Be careful, this time Decimus has new powers and a new plan.” I thought pfhh what-ev, but I had no idea the kind of trouble I would get in.

I headed out of the castle and got my team together, Squad 7, the best in the land. Jerry, the navigator, he has a brain like a genius and he’s been everywhere so he is perfect for the job. Kevin, our weapons specialist, he’s strong like a lion, yet agile like a cat, and he’s the only friend I have in the real world. Jenny, the medical specialist, she’s pretty like an angel and can heal any wound, even a broken heart. Because of her we are always in tip top shape. Then there’s my dragon Fire Blazer. Without him I would probably be dead right now. He can soar to the greatest heights and blast balls of fire straight out of his mouth! He’s a great fighter and a true friend. With my squad, we will take down anybody who tries to disturb our peaceful lives.

We traveled to the ends of the earth, searching far and wide for any trace of his new castle, but nothing was to be found. As all hope was being lost, we saw Mt. Crater and Decimus’s castle. As I was on Fire Blazer, I noticed something odd, Decimus wasn’t outside waiting for us like he usually was, but his demons were guarding the entrance. I landed on the ground and told my team formation X. We got into position and Kevin launched the blades. Flying in the air, the demons had no idea what was headed for them. Fire Blazer in front, the blades reached eye distance. Fire Blazer lit the blade and it sliced right through the demons body, leaving only a pile of ash.

We went from floor to floor to floor to floor; when finally, we reached the top of the castle. We found the door with no lock, no camera, no laser, nothing. So we thought wait this is to easy…then suddenly WHOOSH! We triggered a trap door and fell to our doom at the bottom of the volcano. Ha ha yeah right… Fire Blazer zipped down so fast the naked eye seemed to be tricked and he caught every single one of us, but Decimus knew of this and a net was casted over Fire Blazer and we were trapped.

So while we were trapped Decimus decides to take the opportunity and monologue. It was so freaking BORING! He’s just standing there boring us to death talking about how, “We are so doomed and he’s going to take over the world.” Oh shut up. After he was finished I asked him, “So what’s your plan again?” and he explained that he’s going to summon a creature so vile, that it will destroy the world. The creature emerges out of the volcano and tries to kill us. This was going to be one heck of a fight.

Unfortunately, we lost Jerry during the fight. After he died I was just so pissed off I told Kevin, “Hand me a sword!” and I rode Fire Blazer into the belly of the beast. We reached his heart, and I made my battle cry,”AAAHHH!!!” then Kevin and Jenny say, “Would you please stop, this is not Lord of The Rings or Star Wars finish him now!” So I take the sword and kill the legendary beast saving the world. I’m such a hero…

As a reward for my team’s great work, I decide to take them to the real world and show them what life is really like, not a fairy tale. While we were leaving my attic I accidentally left the door open and my little brother Ryan entered the room as we left…

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