hansel and gretel

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

One day a father of a poor child finally got the money to buy some food for the night. But the kids didn’t like the food that the dad bought them so they decided to throw it out the window. The parents got so mad that they decided to kick the kids out the house because all the did was throw money out the widow.

As they were walking out the door of their parents house they started walking out in to the forest so that they could find a place to stay at. They started walking for hours so they started missing their parents so they wanted to go back to their house so they saw this house on a rode so they thought it might be the rode to their house. When they walked pass the house and a lady came out

“you kids need help,” the lady questioned . The kids got so mad because what they thought that it meant was that they could not do anything because they were kids . So Hansel and Gretel went inside and made a mess. Hansel and Gretel started running because they did not want to get in trouble. They went and saw a other house and this lady did want the kids to get help from them so she thought to her self that all kids liked candy so she told them to go inside . When the kids got inside the lady started asking questions like

“were are your parent and why are you out here”.

“my parents kicked us out of our house so then we came here to find a place to stay we got kicked out because we threw out our food out the window,” the kids answered. This lady was a lady who wanted peace in the world she had to make the kids good so that they would not make no disaster in the world. But she had to think of a way to make the kids good. She knew that the kids liked candy so she had to do it with candy. So she told the children

“you could get candy if you do some thing good ,”. so then Hansel told Gretel that they could go pick up the house that they made a mess and go home with the directions the lady gave them .

When they finished picking up the house they really got candy because of the good they did. When they got home they apologized their parents and so the parents let the kids go home.

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