May 17, 2009
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A light pierced through the dark. A blue light starts to merge in the dark of the night. A dragon rises up from the light. A strong, large, blue, fierce dragon with its wings straight out, blew fire and made a weird sound. A girl was in the middle, the center of the beast. The dragon crouched down and then rises again and the girl does the same.
“Whoa!” Clara cried as she sat up. She panted for air like she was a fish out of water. She looked at her hands and shook her head as she saw her two birthmarks on her hands. On the left hand was a B and the right was an S. Clara rolled her fingers through her brown curly hair and ribbed her eyes. She looked around and then…BRING! Her alarm clock went off. “Ahh….” Clara said. She grabbed it and turned it off. “Great, seven thirty in the morning.” Clara said. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and jumped up. “Ohhh, head rush.” She said, feeling wobbly. She shook her head and opened her door. Her orange and white cat was sitting there, almost like he was expecting her. “Hey kitty, I take it Rachael didn’t feed you when she left?” Her cat meowed and Clara went down the stares. She lived in a town house so she had to go down 4 stare-cases. She got to her kitchen and fed her cat. Clara sighed and walked over to the calendar. It was a picture of 3 angels all sitting together. She looked at the month and sighed again as she saw it was only November 15th, her birthday. She turned around and was startled by her mom. “Happy Birthday honey!” She cried. “Thanks mom,” Clara said. “Okay, I know you’re thirteen now, but I bought you new clothes and their on your bed.” Clara hugged her mom and said smiled. “Thanks.” She said headed up stares. The cat jumped up on the table and sat down. “Today’s her thirteenth birthday, when are you going to tell her?” The cat asked. “I don’t know Leo,” Sandy answered back. “I don’t want her to become what her grandma was.” Leo rolled his eyes. “You’re going have to tell her, she’s been having the same dream now for five years, each time getting more and more intense.” Sandy sighed. “Okay, tonight when her family comes by, we’ll tell her then.” Leo smiled and jumped off the table and stretched. “You better ‘cause I’m getting tired of protecting her from evil’s bind.” Leo said walking up the stares. Sandy leaned on the counter and bit her bottom lip. Clara was fully dress and brushing her hair. She was wearing a blue ROCK AND ROLL NICHT AND DAY with a new pair off pants and socks. She smiled in the mirror and looked at her hands. Her shirt was a little up over her waist and she noticed her birthmark. She lifted up her shirt and she rubbed her fingers over top of her birthmark. It was a heart with wings of feather and a halo. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Happy birthday to me.” Her door swung open and her sister was there. “Hey,” Rachael said. Rachael was 15 with long, brown, curly hair and she had a favor for music, a rather large one. “Happy Birthday,” She said. Clara smiled and said, “Thanks.” Rachael closed the door and Clara laid in her bed. She looked around her room. It was a soft pink room, with teddy bears and pictures of all her favorite superheroes. Clara was a girl who hates anything kid-ish or girly, Clara was more punk then anything and she was being bullied at school because of it, in other words, Clara was different and the other girls hated it. Clara sat up and picked up her black, fishnet gloves. “Another school day, another day in… ‘Meow”.” Clara opened her door and saw Leo sitting there. “Yeah, I know “Breakfast.” Clara picked up her cats’ front legs and lifted him up and bent down and kissed his head. She put him back down and he lied down. He thought. Clara was at the table eating her breakfast, pancakes, and was slowly eating them. “Clara,” Her mom asked, “Why are you slowly eating?” Clara looked around and said, “Mom, don’t make me go to school.” Sandy walked towards her and said, “I’m sorry, but you only have one more year to go.” She hugged her and went up stares. Clara looked at the clock and said, “Oh boy, mom, we gotta go!”
Clara was at the front door waiting for her mom. She had everything on then she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and it just staid there. Her dad came down the stares. “Happy birthday honey.” He said grabbing his coat. Clara smiled and leaned her head back. “Okay, I was going to give this to you later,” Her dad said reaching into his pocket. Clara walked over and he took out a necklace. It was blue, with the charm INDEPENDENT; it was also on a black lace. “Ooh, pretty.” Clara said. He put it around her neck and some how Clara felt the pain go away. She looked around and her dad slammed the door shut. “How dies he do that?” Clara asked. Her mom came down the stares and noticed the necklace. “Your dad gave you that didn’t he?” Sandy asked. Clara smiled oddly. “Why would you ask that?” “No reason.” But there was a reason, a reason that will change Clara’s life forever.
Clara got out of the car and stared into the school yard. “I really do not want to be here.” Clara said, gulping. “You’ll be fine, just don’t take the necklace off.” Clara turned around and faced her mom. “Why?” Sandy looked around and said, “No reason. Bye.” She drove of and left Clara there alone. She faced her school and took a deep breath and slowly started walking. She got to the school yard and looked around at the kids, who were just standing there and walked past them. She noticed the grade sevens right away and Clara wanted to avoid them as much as possible. She turned around and was face to face with Marigold, Amia W., and Kia. The three girls have befriended Clara at the beginning of the year. “Hey, happy birthday.” They said. Clara smiled and hugged them. “Aw…thanks.” Clara smiled. They walked towards the school and the bell went. They went in single file and Clara’s arm brushed up against Amia F. Clara suddenly felt her arm burn and pulled it away. She got through the doors and looked at her arm. It was all red, puffy and a little black. “What the…” Clara’s voice trailed off after she saw Josh. Josh was a short kid with brown, curly hair and brown eyes. Clara had a crush on him since the beginning of the year; everyone thought he smelled bad, but Clara looked past that. She slowly walked a good distance from him. She liked him, but didn’t like him that much! She felt the sharp pain again and looked at her hands. For some rather unexplainable reason, her scares looked fresh. Like blood was actually dripping from it. Clara stopped and shook her hands. It went back to normal and Clara went on. She got to her locker and opened it. Clara was going through to get her things when she heard Amia F. and Emma talking away and laughing. Clara closed her locker and turned to face the way to the gym when Emma and Amia stopped her. “What?” Clara asked sternly. “Oh, nothing just wanting to see if” Amia grabs Clara wrists, “The emo child has any new cuts.” Clara pulled her hands away and rolled her eyes. “You guys are seriously ignorant, you know that right?” Clara said standing strong. “What ever. Freak.” They walked to the gym and Clara rolled her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. “Why me?” She asked. She kept on walking and the pain came back. Clara fell to the ground and covered her stomach. She stood up and the necklace started to grow blue. Clara opened her eyes. She looked around and pulled her things into her. She gathered all of her binders and went to class. She walked into the gym wearing her gym shorts and her sweatbands. She looked at her hands and massaged them. She took a basket ball that was lined up against the far wall and started shooting. After an hour and fifty minutes, the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Clara was at her desk with her lunch bag and notebook. Clara was a fantastic writer and new she would get riche off of it sooner or later. She was writing in her notebook when 7e came in. Clara looked down and then up, when she saw a couple of girls walk past the class room. One of them was short with long, red hair and the other had long, brown hair. She thought she saw them before, but figured she was seeing things because of the pain. She ate her lunch and written a couple of words before the bell rang for recess. Clara got up and put her stuff in her locker and grabbed her coat. She turned around and accidentally bumped into RayRay. Ray was a short with dirty-blonde hair and was, of course, mean to Clara and nice to everyone else. Clara was getting used to it, her heart was never beaten, but her mind was confused. She walked down the long hallway and hard someone coming up behind her. She new it could not have bee anybody from the school, because they were all outside. She turned around and only was the red head against a wall. “Hello?” Clara asked. The red head looked up and Clara new who that was. “Couteney?” She asked again. “Oh no way, hey how’s it going?” Couteney stood up and yelled, “Found her!” Clara looked around and saw people coming through the doors and around the corner. She backed up against the lockers and watched as the people cracked their fingers and their knuckles. “Oh boy,” Clara said. She always wanted to be a hero but now, she thinks she should’a took up dance again. They came in close and Clara closed her eyes and was waiting for twenty –five pounds of impacted.

To be continued

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Blue-Streek said...
Jun. 10, 2009 at 10:00 pm
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Blue-Streek said...
Jun. 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm
my bad, i forgot to mention that after clara saw her sister, she was supose to say, "i thought you left for school already?"
Blue-Streek said...
Jun. 3, 2009 at 7:57 pm
Skip the "author's comments about this article" thing,i didn't know about the whole, "you can change ur email thing. Anywho I wrote this story based on my class because I thought it would be cool to have them in my story, so injoy...:)
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