Raining Ashes

May 8, 2009
By RaWrL0v3 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
RaWrL0v3 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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A long time ago, there lived a dragon named Ripple. The old dragon lived in peace with the humans and immortals just like all the other creatures. She lived alone in a forest not far from the village called Rockzton, where all the people worshiped the three goddesses named Syphris, Hailey, and Alyss. One day, one of the little village boys, named Geo Gee, went wandering into the forest with his friends. They came upon a large nest filled with eggs and began fighting over what creature could have lain them.

When Ripple arrived to her nest she saw the boys punching and kicking one another and felt her eggs were greatly threatened by such carelessness. One of the boys fell into the nest almost hitting one of her eggs. Quick to react, Ripple began chasing the boys back to the village in a rage. The green of the trees was obscured by their speed and they soon broke through the edge of the forest. The villagers suddenly saw a bright flash of light and it wasn't long before the whole village was up in flames. The villagers shouted helplessly over the loud crackling of the fire for Ripple to calm down, but the dragon wasn't listening.

“Ripple, please stop destroying our village. My friends and I are greatly and forever sorry for disturbing you. It will never happen again. Honestly,” Geo Gee pleaded.

“Nothing, not even the three goddesses themselves, are powerful enough to stop me now!” Ripple roared as her tail whipped around and sliced the roof off a nearby cottage.

An hour passed before the fire burnt itself out and revealed the rubble that remained. Ripple had destroyed everything. The dragon was long gone; back into the woods to tend to her eggs. However, the villagers were just returning, weeping at the destruction of Rockzton. The villagers were walking dismally across the now flat land looking around while a messenger was on his way to deliver Ripple's words to the three goddesses.

He flew quickly through the clouds where the golden gate awaited him. He made his way around Olympus, stopping at Syphris, Hailey, and Alyss's door. Syphris answered the door after he knocked. He burst through the doorway, quick to start explaining what had happened.

He began with the boys and explained the damages then recited Ripple's words. As the story of the destruction went on, Hailey and Syphris grew more cross and where shocked with such unacceptable actions.

“...the whole village was burnt to the ground and as I was leaving it was raining ashes,” the messenger finished quickly flailing his arms in the air breathlessly.

“Ripple will pay for her misbehavior,” Hailey promised as she stood up confidently.

“Don't forget her big mouth!” Syphris stated smugly crossing her arms and shaking her head.

“Yes, of course, that could be a good idea as well as getting rid of her large tail. While we're at it I could take away her fire breath. It, too, seems to be getting in the way of our idea of peace,” Hailey mumbled, lost in thought, “She has shown us that she cannot handle such responsibilities and so we shall take them away.”

With that, Hailey used her fire power to take away Ripple's fire breathing ability. Syphris, the goddess of size, shrunk Ripple's body making the dragon twenty times smaller. The third sister, Alyss goddess of beauty, felt pity for the poor dragon, thinking about how she was only trying to protect her eggs, and made the small creature beautiful.

Ripple was unaware of the goddess's plans until the changes took place. Her wings were now smaller, more round, and transparent, her body was slender and long, and she was a brilliant green. When she realized it was her size that changed instead of the things around her, Ripple cried so much she could have cried a lake. Many days later, Ripple decided it was time to move on and made her new home near a small pond embedded in the forest to tend to her eggs. Her eggs, too, had been transformed, soon becoming what she was.

When Ripple did not return, the villagers found it safe to re-build and were glad they could live in peace once again. However, they found it strange that this new creature appeared when Ripple disappeared. They thought no more of it and decided together to name this beautiful, new creature a dragonfly because it reminded them of Ripple, just smaller and less destructive.

The author's comments:
This was part of my final in English; to write a myth. I had a lot of fun with this and I hope I get a good grade on it :)!!!!

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