May 1, 2009
By ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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My fingers glowed white, the fire about to burst through my layers of skin. The smell of my burning flesh filled the air, bringing a faint, twisted smile to my lips.
“It’s time, Eden.” I whispered, truly happy now; an exotic, terrifying happiness that filled me to the point of explosion. An explosion that would give me the full power of my fire. My precious, devastating fire.
If I had been asked last year if I ever thought I would act like this, I would have laughed that anyone would even have the idea. And yet here I stood, fire in my veins, looking down on the evil creature at my feet: Eden Malie, a vampire.
“Time for what?” she asked, the horror in her deep red eyes almost too much. Too much because I knew what if felt like to be cornered, to know I was going to die.
I let the empathy pass; she had killed, she was guilty of this crime, while I had been innocent.
“Time? Dear Eden,” I chuckled darkly, shaking my head sadly. “It’s time…to die.”
She gasped, falling back against the large, swaying tree behind her. Her long, black hair flowed with the faint breeze and her eyes were turning black. “No,” she whispered. “No, no, not yet. I can’t, I can’t! Don’t you see? I need to- I need to stop this! I do! I need to stop it! I must-“
Her pleas cut off when I whispered so softly even werewolf ears would have a hard time hearing, “Yes, Eden. You do need to stop this. See, vampire’s are murderers.” I let the word hang, engraining this moment into my mind. Yes, the vampire must stop. I couldn’t help but pity this forest though – the magestic trees didn’t deserve such horrible memories, nor should the earth have to taste so many different bloods. I glanced at the moon, nearly full, for good measure; no deaths could be carried through without the Moon’s blessing. “Yes, Eden. You must be stopped. Vampire’s don’t deserve to live, and you are no exception.” I grinned, happily playing with a new toy. “But I am a noble creature. So I ask you: what are you last words? If I think they are good enough, I’ll even pass them on to who they were meant for.”
Eden just stared at me, her eyes wide, her lips parted. The reflection of the moon shone in her eyes, her fully black eyes. Yes, she knew her death was coming, she knew full well.
“Come, now. I haven’t got all night, and neither have you.” I chuckled at my wit, very pleased with how this was going. If she didn’t speak soon, she would be dead – and not the undead kind.
“Whoever you are,” she started, many breaths in between each word. Her eyes were darting here and there, surely gauging her chances. She may not have known it, but she had no hopes of escaping; I’d done this far too many times to leave any room for chances or hopes. “Whatever you are, please, I didn’t do anything.”
I sighed, deeply disappointed. She was a vampire to the end, she was. “I was hoping for something more original.”
And then I unleashed my fire.

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on May. 29 2009 at 9:20 pm
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